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by Darla on January 1, 2010

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Yesterday while working on a service project, my thoughts turned to all the adventures of last year with a  particular focus on the blessings.

These are just a few….

1.  Brian’s contract renewed for another year in Doha.

2.  We were able to pay for our tickets home despite unexpected expenses.

3.  Our Eldest daughter came back to Qatar and has been working and going to school.

4.  I was able to take an unexpected break to visit my family in the spring.

5.  We were lead to a new program of study for the children that has been fabulous in content and drastically freed my time.

6.  Brian and I meeting together for weekly Family Executive Meetings have brought us closer together in purpose and unity.

7.  We were able to get our PGH House ready and on the market in a very short time.

8.  The younger children and I were able to visit the Smith family home in Palmyra while Bekah participated in Temple work with her grandfather.  A very special experience.

9.  We also enjoyed lovely time camping with Mom and Dad Gallew.

10.  Another mom and I traded dissection classes for sewing.  An experience that I dreaded (biology dissection labs)

11.  Bekah started Seminary and she absolutely loves it.

12.  Samuel started cub scouts and loves that as well.

13.  Virginia has found a way to focus her energy and her study time is increasing as a result.

14.  Our PGH house sold and we were able to go to Thailand and Hong Kong since we didn’t have to pay utilities and maintenance on an empty house.

15.  We all fell in love with Thailand and its people.

16.  Brian’s job has become less stressful through much prayer and fasting.

17.  We were able to celebrate thanksgiving with our church family.  It was awesome.

18.  We went camping for the first time in Doha, where Samuel earned his Bobcat award.

19.  Laura had a couple of corporate events and enough steady work to help her reduce her student loan.

20.  We are out of debt due to the grace of God.  What a blessing.

21.  Good friends have helped us all along the way.  It would be so much harder to live here without them.

The year is starting with a personal theme of trust and faith in Heavenly Father that he knows our needs and what is best for us.  My sincerest wish is that you may have the opportunity to count your blessings and find peace and serenity there.

May you find blessings in 2010.

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1 Tracy January 2, 2010 at 7:09 am

What a nice post! You are inspiring me to start my own list. 🙂

2 Gina January 7, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Thanks for the comment. I posted a reply on my blog. Your list is very inspiring! It’s good to take an inventory like that. Sounds like you’ve had some great travels…trying not to be jealous!

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