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by Darla on June 15, 2009


These are the forms that came from reading TJED Companion.  They were so helpful.  You really do need to read the TJED Companion for a thorough description of how to implement them effectively.

We still use them in conjunction with TOG as they are not mutually exclusive but work quite well together.  My children made their big list and one of the things on their list was history that resembled Mystery of History a program we used for Ancient and Middle Ages.  They are in the process of writing the additional books and we had surpased them at this point.  Tapestry of Grace fit everything that we wanted to do.   So we used their Big list to determine what materials and direction we wanted to go.

My children still refer to these lists to help them in their free time.  Ginny in particular uses them quite often.  It would be better if they were refreshed more often.

My Big List– This list was done together with mom and the student for younger children.  I use it myself to keep a big list of projects that I would like to do or books that I want to read.

TJED Student Planner – Before it goes to my daily planner I decide how much often I would like to do this particular thing, weekly daily etc.  This isn’t a form we’ve used much but it is helpful as a medium step between the big list and daily planner.

Daily Planner – This list is your intended plan of what you want to study on a daily/weekly basis.

Homeschool weekly log sheet – I had the students use this form to quickly record what they had completed during the week.  This is great for accountability.


Weekly Schedule – This is a sample of our TJED schedule

Individual Project – Some students prefer hands on project learning.  We used this form to record the time and to help them solidify their ideas.

TJED Reading Bookmark – This form I used while reading books so that I could keep all my notes and information in once place.

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