Geography Club

by Darla on June 19, 2008

in Home Education

I've been playing with the idea of sponsoring a monthly Geography club for the fall
 that would meet once a month.  Each month would focus on a different country.   Basic idea
of how it would work.

Each family participating:
Prepare a presentation (as a family group or individual members) about something
related to the  country 3-5 minutes.  You could pick sports, famous person, imports, exports etc.
Bring a dish to share related to the country. (except host family)
Beverage for your family and enough to share with 2 others
Purchase a Flag Sticker of the World book.  (see link below)
Materials to make passport book.  (I will have the .pdf file available
for you to print out you can pick two different versions.  One is more suitable to
younger writers)  The books will be assembled at our first get together.

Host Family:
Determine the country of the month
Prepare game or activity related to country you pick.
Supply paper products for activity (we could do it so that we share
the expense of this?)
Provide directions and RSVP database for that month
Host family is exempt from providing a dish to share (unless we share the
expense of paper products)

Our first get together in October (just after Ramadan and Eid) would be
to put our passport books together and a welcome to the different countries that we will learn about.

They are available here for $5.95
or we could make a bulk purchase through I Spy.

This is still a work in progress.  It needs paring down because it is a bit complicated.  Any suggestions?

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