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by Darla on March 14, 2008


A quote from A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille.

Greatness isn’t the work of a few geniuses, it is the purpose of each of us. It is why we were born. Every person you have ever met is a genius. Every one. Some of us have chosen not to develop it, but it is there. It is in us. All of us. It is in your spouse. It is in each of your children. You live in a world of geniuses. How can we settle for anything less than the best education? How can we tell our children that mediocre education will do, when greatness is available? Like on the morning of 9/11, other calls will come to our generation in the years ahead, announcing new challenges and introducing new opportunities. Our generation, and that of our children, will face its share of crises, just like every generation in the past. When those calls come, will we be ready? The answer depends on how we educate the next generation.” (page 8-9 of A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille)

At times when I read a truth it stirs my heart.  I feel the greatness that could be taking a step forward within my soul.  Inspiration isn’t it a great thing.  What inspires you?

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