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by Darla on June 24, 2008

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I am playing with a new idea for our studies this fall called Epic Adventures. One idea is to utilize mind mapping. I didn’t know what it was so starting with a Google search I came up with this video from You Tube which is pretty Clear.

I’ve listed the steps below as they are in the video:

1.  Start in the center
2.  Use an image as your central idea
3.  Use colors throughout
4.  Connect main branches to sub-branches
5.  Make branches curve and flow
6.  Use one word per line same length as the line.
7.  Use images throughout

Supplies:1.  Paper plain without lines
2.  colored pens and pencils
3.  Your Brain
4.  Your Imagination

There are a couple examples here and their uses.


This link has a variety of different mind maps.  Fabulous examples


Here is our first attempt.

The purpose of this mind map was to show the variety of ways that we have to improve our physical fitness and compare some of our options.  We are contemplating a membership to a local club.  It worked great as it was something that we have been researching together as a family.


Plan of action:  So after our map we determined that we needed to do two things to finish our research.

1.  Find out what it would cost to visit a hotel pool for the afternoon
2.  Visit QA pools to see if they were horrible or we could live with it.

Our investigation turned up that it would cost 760 qr ($208) for a one day visit to the pool or 460qr ($126) on week day with 4 of us. YIKES who can afford that.  So we visited the QA pools this afternoon.  They opened the one side so the kids didn’t have to swim laps.   Everyone was estatic.  Swimming close by FREE and indoors which is a plus and minus considering the sandstorms we’ve had lately it is a big plus.

It was bad enough that a friend’s husband was calling the weather “taupe”.  That is pretty bad but it fit the conditions perfectly.

Perhaps tomorrow we will follow up with a what did we learn exercise.

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