And then there were two

by DarlaAugust 11, 2013

Of all the time that was spent considering curriculum and the needs of my children this topic isn’t one I considered it just seemed like homeschooling would go on forever, sometimes in a good way sometimes not. Two weeks ago we started our new year.  Our first Nature study session included the Oxbow preserve to […]

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Year End Wrap UP

by DarlaMay 31, 2013

It has been several years since all the children finish at exactly the same time.  This year is no exception.  Samuel will finish up his work this week for which I’m very grateful.  It seemed Virginia still had some work to do but she put in some extra time and will finish up just before […]

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Finishing up projects.

by DarlaMay 12, 2013

This is a project that has been sitting in my sewing box for awhile.  Made from the Jelly Rolls that you used to find in abundance at JoAnn’s.  We were living overseas when I purchased this one.  It is good to see it on the wall. Bekah’s been working on this project for a couple […]

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Organizing – Tapestry of Grace workbox

by DarlaMay 8, 2013

Found a few cool tips on organizing my home school materials that were just what I needed. My criteria simple enough my son can use it and flexible enough that I can print out the materials for 2 – nine week periods with enough space left over that I can get into each one. Sam […]

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Simplifying Life

by DarlaMay 6, 2013

There is something about the spring weather that just encourages me to clean; my body, my life, my home and our home school.  It is the feeling of fresh and new that inspires me to take these steps. With another move looming in our future, it just seems like the right time to tackle these […]

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Goals and fruition of hard work

by DarlaMay 4, 2013

What is it about May and June that just seem like a good time to evaluate where I’ve been and what is going on.  Admittedly this year it has been pretty skimpy in entries.  There were several things that have gone on without there being much time to sit and write. For the past week, […]

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Oxbow Nature Study Area, Reno Nevada who knew

by DarlaApril 12, 2013

  This week we treated ourselves.  We visited the Oxbow Nature Study Area.  What a treasure right here in Reno.  Just a quick slide show to share our adventure.

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Moving Right Along

by DarlaJanuary 4, 2013

Lots has happened since November.  December was spent trying to jump Nevada’s hoops to get Bekah’s GED.  They definitely want to make sure that you are ready and will not fail.  It is good but nice to know the steps necessary as it took many trips to get everything done.  She finished and submitted her […]

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Weekly Wrap-up 11/17/2012

by DarlaNovember 17, 2012

Happy Saturday!  It is good to have a few minutes to reflect on the week and where we’ve been.  It tends to blur and feels like nothing has been accomplished. Sunday evening Sam and I spent time going over his Webelos book trying to figure out what he needed to finish to get his Arrow […]

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Duck Tape Purses

by DarlaNovember 13, 2012

Yesterday we spent some time with a friend and she showed us how to make these.  It was so much fun.  Which one is your favorite. Sunshine Yellow Geometric Jazz Mustachio There are many tutorials on you tube and pinterest.  A search for duck or duct tape purses did the trick.  We learned even with […]

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