Structure time not content.

by Darla on August 8, 2008


One of the TJED’s components “Seven Keys of Great Teaching” is to structure time not content.  Below is our family approved plan to follow that principle.
8am Fitness Time (swimming, ice skating, bicycle riding, walking etc)
Sometimes this lasts 1.5 hours sometimes 30 minutes depending on their interests.)
showers and dress
Breakfast – family work
Devotionals: Song, Prayer, Pledge, Scriptures (one person assigned by the week?)
11-16 minute teaching time for group inquiry or skills such as writing, math, grammar, vocabulary etc
Inquires (Individual projects)
Lunch – about 12 or so
Read aloud (that goes along with the topic for the week)
Quiet Time – Samuel reads to me to earn his afternoon free time.
Inquiries (Individual Projects)
4-6pm computers/movies/entertainment/game boy/wii/ email etc.
6pm dinner
Family time* – decide together (reading, board games, projects which involve dad rocket car, knex building, etc)
8:00pm get ready for bed:  Journal writing – all of us in my room together**, scriptures and prayers.
Bed.  This can take an hour or so.  It is usually 9pm before bed.

*Family Time – If there is anything about this structure that I think will be hard to deal with it will be this time.  As a family we are all home Friday -our Sabbath (mostly), Saturday (mostly), Sunday and Thursday.  Usually, here is one adult  home with the children. except our date nights which tend to float with either Thursday or Saturday evenings.

**Each night when we are done writing in our journals, I ask if anyone wants to share their entry.  Each night one daughter didn’t feel comfortable doing so.  Finally I asked her if there was something wrong.  She was afraid that I was going to critic her entry for spelling grammar etc.  I told her no this is just sharing your day time.  I answer any questions ask spelling that they have but there is no pressure.  My youngest narrates to me.

Meal Preparations: The girls will take turns making breakfast and lunch.  This is part of their school work.  They need to pass off 10 breakfasts, lunches and dinners before they graduate from our program.  They plan, prepare and serve these meals.  This way I know they won’t starve when they are on their own.  At this point, I take care of dinners except on Fridays when we all take turns and Saturday my husband cooks to give me a break from the kitchen.

Family Work: For a short time after my oldest left, I had a cleaning lady come.  Our house was huge and too big to handle on my own.  We moved into a smaller house which allowed me to take the cleaning on myself.   We made a deal with the girls (Samuel works with me) that they are striving to meet the standard of our cleaning lady.  They get paid commensurate with the quality of their work.  They have the ability to earn the same amount as she did.

We do not give allowances.  I keep a running list of extra jobs that they can do if they want to earn extra money.   Our oldest daughter is paid a flat fee for babysitting her siblings when dh and I go on dates.  It is the same price no matter how long we are gone.

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