Catch the Wave!

by Darla on June 22, 2018

in Reno, Nevada

Electric Quilt 8 Lessons.  I’ve been taking lessons to learn how to use Electric Quilt.  You can sign up Here On Point Quilter  This is a direct link to the sign-up page.

The lessons come each day and it takes less than 10 minutes to do the mini-lessons.  Today was lesson 13.  My son saw me working on it and asked if he could have this quilt?  I’m thrilled to make a quilt for him and excited that he asked.

While I may be able to put it together in EQ8 piecing this baby together might be a challenge.  Looks like the perfect quilt to piece in the fall when it gets too nasty to be outside.  This is good!


It has been awhile to a moving force

by Darla on June 17, 2018

in Reno, Nevada

It has been awhile, since the last post.  Many things conspired to make this so but most importantly life.  Life with teenagers finishing up their studies at home, moving on to college, my parents living with us, teaching essential oil classes and volunteering at girls camp every summer and sewing for three dance shows a year.  That is the big picture the smaller scale is so much more fits into the cracks that there isn’t much time left for reflection let alone blogging.  With time, I may try to catch up on the big things, but for now, I would like to share a discussion that changed our lives.

January 2017 I had the impression that something beautiful was coming for our family and if I saved $ then we would be prepared to take advantage of an opportunity that would come our way.  We started to save without understanding why.  May, Brian and I had a discussion that was prompted by a book I had read.  At the end of your life, what do you want to have done more of?” The answer, spend time with our family.  My reply,  “Why are we in Reno?”  We have family in many places, but none of them were in Reno except my parents and Sam.  Our girls were all in Idaho.  Ginny and Bekah were both attended BYU-Idaho; Laura, Ian, and John were in Idaho Falls at the time, and we rarely got to see them.  Laura and John were talking about living

overseas once they had their family and then we really wouldn’t see them.  Mom’s health wasn’t improving, and there would be a point where vacation times would be limited or on hold for awhile.

For the past 3 or 4 years, we knew that our home, without improvements, wouldn’t work long term.  No bedrooms or full baths on the first floor made it difficult for mom to go up and down the stairs.  It was over $30,000 to convert the bath to full because they would need to dig out the front porch and blah blah blah.  Not worth the change.  We looked in Reno NV and surrounding areas; Sayre, Towanda, Rummerfield Pennsylvania, and in North Carolina near Tim.  We found a couple there and

made inquiries, but the real estate agent never replied.  We prayed about our decision to move and felt that it would be okay to do so.  The locations didn’t feel right, and there seemed to be problems no matter which direction we looked until Idaho.

The impression that I got is that we needed to act in faith.  If you’ve followed very long you know that we do leaps of faith, and they work out, but well the road is bumpy getting there.  Dh prayed that if it was the right thing for us that all the pieces would fall into place and it would happen quickly.  WOW, it happened so fast my head spun for six months after.

Here’s the result.  I called a real estate agent that we had worked with looking for a house in Reno.  We signed the papers to put our house on the market.  There were a few things he felt we should fix, so I made the arrangements to get that done and started to prep our house for sale.  The following week we planned to visit family in Missouri, so we did so and stopped on the way back to look at homes in Idaho/Ammon/Shelley, Blackfoot, and Firth, all within a radius of about 40 or 50 miles.  We ruled out some of them just driving by as they were duplex or too close to each other etc.

So after looking at houses online, and having a hard time figuring out a realtor to work.  After some prayer,  I fell into a website, and the lady referred us to Whitney.  Whitney was amazing and took me seriously although that said I had my ducks in a row.  I talked with the bank and got preapproved for a dollar range that seems to fit the houses we were looking at.  We ended up with about 20, and by the time we got to Idaho there were 16 on the list and 5 of them we ruled out by driving by.  The first house we looked at ended up being the house we made an offer on.  It didn’t seem too grand when we walked through, but after looking at other homes in the price range, it sounded awesome.  Second walkthrough and we all agreed it was the right house for our family; six people agreed yall that is amazing!

Here are the tender mercies that I felt on the trip.

  • We found a place to stay that accommodated all of us and we cooked our meals rather than having to eat out.  It didn’t cost us a fortune, and we were comfortable.
  • The house didn’t require updates or repairs to move in.  (most of the homes needed a stick of dynamite in the bathrooms.  They were so tiny and claustrophobic that I couldn’t climb in the hole to shower.)
  • Not at the top of our price range so we could pay it off quickly and be out of debt in 5 years or less.  We could have paid cash for the house from what we got out of the sale of our Reno home and our money saved.  We chose to do a couple of other things instead, but we could have.
  • There was separate living room for our family so they could be noisy and not agitate mom.
  • We hoped for 2 master suites.  My parents have the master suite and Brian and I kind of have that with our bedroom right next to the 3/4 bath in the basement.  The kids sleep upstairs, so we have it to ourselves after they go to bed.
  • Enough bedrooms for me to having a sewing room.
  • Workshop in the garage
  • Shed out back
  • The yard is landscaped and doable for us with room for a swingset and fun but not a huge amount of work.
  • Room for the RV and parking for our cars.
  • We increased our living space to 3000 square feet of living space from 1800s.f..
  • The kitchen wasn’t one of my dreams, but it was doable.
  • Laundry is on the first floor, so if we aren’t able to do stairs later in life, we will be set to live here long term.
  • Room for mom’s midarm quilt machine and frame to be set up 10.’
  • Office space for Brian and we didn’t need to use a bedroom for it.
  • We are only a short 5 miles from Laura and John and 30 minutes to the kids’ school.
  • After a couple of days, the offer was accepted.
  • We finished all the work on our Reno house had an open house and by the end of that had a firm offer.  It took another month and a half for closing on that house, but we already had plans to move to Idaho by then.
  • Both real estate agents were terrific and helped the process go smoothly.
  • I finished packing and doing quilts for girls camp about the same time.
  • When I got back from a week at girls camp, we finished up a few things and moved that Thursday.  We drove to Idaho on Friday, and members of our new ward helped us to unload the trucks Saturday.

Lessons learned:

  • Call the truck rental place in person to confirm your reservation.  Despite making it more than a month in advance, they didn’t have the size truck we needed.  BIG hiccup.
  • Check the shop to make sure that everyone has packed their things.  Don’t assume they have and make them move their stuff in with the main body of packing.  That way the big things don’t get left out until last minute.
  • We are hiring a company to truck our household goods next time. Okay if we load but better to have someone else drive.
  • Having someone else clean our Reno house after we left was fabulous!!!  Laura and Ginny cleaned the new house before we got here.
  • More time between the old people moving out before we arrive so we can have someone clean before we get there.  We moved in hours after the previous owners moved out.  They had carpets cleaned etc., so that was nice.  They left the place in fabulous condition, and it required us to clean the bathrooms and wipe down kitchen cabinets, but that was it.
  • Have an open house the Saturday before moving.  We missed seeing some people that we wanted to see and there just wasn’t time to go everywhere.  Have it simple cookies or bring something to share.


Patience during construction

by DarlaApril 1, 2018

It has been 4 years since my blog was updated.  I’m looking forward to it!

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Terrafit Journey – Round 3

by DarlaApril 1, 2018

I kept getting an announcement for Terrafit dvds through My Oil Business and wondered what it was all about.  After asking around found out that it was a fitness challenge.  Everything I saw sounded interesting so I got a couple friends together and we jumped on board having no idea what we were doing.   […]

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Our Garden Space

by DarlaSeptember 12, 2014

Our garden has gone through a couple changes this year.   We started out with garden boxes and double dig the bottom so we had about 12″ of good soil.  Our challenge was keeping the plants watered.  Several different methods and still not much success for the amount of effort and money spent in watering. […]

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Getting Back on Track

by DarlaSeptember 8, 2014

  I’m joining Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to help hold each other accountable and being transparent. Transparency – In August of 2008 I began to attend 12 step meetings for overeating, weighing in at 240 I think could have been higher. Oh so difficult, but by April of 2009 I had lost 60 lbs. In […]

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What a busy summer!

by DarlaSeptember 6, 2014

Our summer has been packed from the beginning to the end.  Another couple weeks to recover would be great!  It started with a camp out for Sam, then trek, swimming lessons, Scout Camp, Summer Dance Intensive for 3 weeks, costumes for the cinderella performance, Girls Camp a week off and school started!  Here are some […]

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Courage or Fear

by DarlaJune 15, 2014

The Very Next Choice that We Make – Courage or Fear.  This chapter had a huge impact on me as well as the videos that Christa shared this week about her journey with marathons.  I’d like to share some thoughts on each of these topics. Is it possible to sustain a level of discipline that […]

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Acts of Kindness, Tender Mercies and Truth

by DarlaFebruary 13, 2014

I’m not really sure how to title this week’s post.  Our assignment was any of the 4 topics below yet I find there are elements of all of them throughout this post. 1. #Truth ~ What truth are living by? Whose truth are you believing? 2. 2 Corinthians 12:9 ~ Unpack our scripture for the week and share […]

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Peace – Made to Crave

by DarlaFebruary 8, 2014

Over the years my experience with peace has changed.  Sometimes in order to feel peaceful it required a physical change in my environment whether that meant going on vacation, to a favorite spot in nature or even going to my bedroom to close the door without interruption for a period of time.  There are times […]

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