2013-2014 Curriculum

2013-2014 Curriculum

The side bar is getting pretty long with curriculum. It makes more sense to have a separate page so those interested can just go here.  It also gives me room to include more information for those that are interested with links which I haven’t figured out how to do inside the widget. 
Every year it seems that I’m always tweaking what we are doing.  This year is no exception.  Life often plays a role in these changes.  In the past it has been babies, moving, a wedding etc.  This year while I have some inclinations have just felt impressed that our studies need to be a bit different.  Our studies need to organized in a way that allow Virginia and Samuel to work together (Group Studies) and easy enough they don’t need me to translate the lessons plans so easy to implement.  
We are still using Tapestry of Grace materials and supplements with our studies just not the main part.  While they focus some on the explorers and discovers it is not to the extent that I wanted to this year.  Again just an impression that this is important.  Last year we covered Ancient-Middle Ages, so this year we can back up a bit and go into the Middle ages a little more.  We will be going back and forth as I feel directed.


Early Morning Seminary – Book of Mormon
Easy Grammar Ultimate Series
Writing with Skill
Spelling Workout
One Year Adventure Novel
Teaching Textbooks: Algebra 2
Apologia: Biology
Biology Labs/dissection
American Sign Language
Dance- Ballet 4, Pointe and beginning Tap


Discovering the Scriptures: New Testament
Teaching Textbooks Math 6
Spelling Workout
Primary Language Lessons
Writing with Ease
Teaching Textbooks: Math 6
MathRider: Math Facts drill
Noeo Physics I: Gears and Gizmos
Foreign Language: Spanish

Group Studies:

Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles 394-1550
Shakespeare: A Comedy of Errors

Enrichment Year 2 Ideas:  TERM 1

Poetry: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Handicraft: Creating a Masterpiece: Pencil
Picture Study: Van Eyck
Composer Study: Hayden.

Our group studies this year is following Simply Charlotte Mason outline.  The lesson plans for Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles includes: Bible Studies, History, Map Study and Readers that are about the same time period could be a biography or fiction readers.   This is an  inexpensive resource and you can find a sample on their website.  So far we’ve used the same resources for TOG, used alternative titles from Heritage History on the same topic or our library had what we needed.  There aren’t worksheets or involved quizzes so if you need to substitute one book for another it isn’t a big deal.  Narration is the tool that I’m using to evaluate what they have learned.  This will also become the source they use to start their compositions.  
So far we’ve completed 1 1/2 weeks of work and I’m enjoying the results.  We spend more time together during the morning and the children still have plenty of time for their individual work.  I’ll post an update a little further on in our studies.

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