4 Keys to a good homeschool Day

by Darla on December 5, 2013

in Reno, Nevada

Over at Simple Home school she posted 4 keys to a good home school day.    Hmmm are my keys to a good home school day the same.  I suggest that some things are the same while others are different.   Her list is below but feel free to check out her blog for detailed explanations.

1.  A Good Night’s Rest –

2.  An Early Start for Mom

3.  Enjoy the beautiful weather

4.  Have a routine.


My list.

1.  A good night’s rest although nice is not absolutely essential for a good day.  I’ve had night’s where it was a roller derby. I rock and rolled all night long.  The essential difference was starting with Meditation, Prayer and Scripture study.  Not everyone is religious so I would suggest Meditation and personal improvement.

2.  An Early Start – definitely I need my space and time to pull my emotions, spiritual and physical self together.   Starting at the same time does not allow my brain to cycle up to full capacity before it is time to answer questions – lots of them.  My brain isn’t ready.

3.  Have a plan – I may not know how the day will go but I do have a plan.   I have an outline of what school work should be done the next day.  I plan this out a week in advance with specifics that need to be done.  If we take a day off for health reasons no biggie we just pick up the schedule and do the next day’s work.

4.  Have a routine – This has been quite difficult to get in place but well worth it.  Breakfast, quick clean up, scriptures, prayers as a family, assess our needs for that day and go forward.  I do not tie my routine to a time.  Life just seems to happen when we do.


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