Abigail Adams – Guest Visitor

by Darla on May 4, 2009

in TOG Y2 Unit 4

The long anticipated day arrived. Abigail Adams comes to call.

Before the day arrived it seemed like a good idea to practice Tea Ceremony Etiquette.

My dear friend Melany is a patriot who strives to promote freedom everyday of her life.  She embodies in my mind the character traits that Abigail had.  Often she and her dear husband are parted from each other much like Abigail and her husband during the time that the Convention met.We spent a delightful hour asking her questions.  These are the questions we sent her ahead of time.

Why do you wear so many petticoats?
Please tell me about yourself and your life.
What is your favorite pastime?
Where do you live?
Do you have children?
What is your day like?
What is it like to be the first lady?
Help us to understand what kind of person you are? (values)
What is it like to be the first lady?
What was it like for you growing up?
Did you have siblings?
Did you have chores?
Did you go to school?
Did you go on vacation?
Did you see your grandparents?
What do you wish that future generations understood about your life, the constitution or living during your time?
Did you marry for love or was it arranged?

She answered these in a way that felt like she had just stopped by for tea.  She brought her calling card of course.  That prompted a few questions as well.  What a memorable experience for both of us.

Jane Austen has promised to come visit us this fall.  I love her books and can’t wait to become better acquainted with her.

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