And then there were two

by Darla on August 11, 2013

in Reno, Nevada

Of all the time that was spent considering curriculum and the needs of my children this topic isn’t one I considered it just seemed like homeschooling would go on forever, sometimes in a good way sometimes not.

Two weeks ago we started our new year.  Our first Nature study session included the Oxbow preserve to pick up some samples for Ginny’s biology labs and then visit the Truckee river for a walk.  Well it didn’t end up so much a walk as sitting by the river to observe nature.  Bekah with her sketch book.  I tried a dab at poetry.

Truckee River 2

On the other side where the water runs a little faster the kayaks go up and down to practice their skills.  The kids decided to test the waters.  How else can you see how the currents flow?

IMG_4543Truckee River

It was a busy day on the river with lots of company.  At one point there was a photo shoot of a girls group.  A homeless man brought his dog down for a bath.  Sam decided to test out his thoughts on currents and how to get out of them.  Didn’t work out quite as he thought.  He learned to swim with the current until it released him.  I was surprised at how for it took him with just the little slide over the rocks.  He had a blast.  All the kids wanted to know when and where our next nature study event would be held.  I’m thinking of trying out the parks and areas around Reno.

After the swimming, I mean observation was done they took a little nap in the sun.  It really was quite beautiful.

I digress from my original point that homeschooling changes depending on the children involved.  Different isn’t bad it is just different and being open to go with new ideas and retrying ideas that didn’t work for the others.

Truckee River 3

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