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by Darla on April 15, 2009

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Learning Legacy challenges: So where are you? I encourage you to take a few minutes (or maybe an hour) and figure it out. What do you need to finish? What might you want to carry on into summer? And what don’t you need to do? You might surprise yourself and be farther than you think!


Rebekah completed and moved on to Algebra I
Samuel completed and moved on to MathUSee Alpha

Virginia not sure if she will finish up by the end of our 180 days but has committed to finishing this book MathUSee Delta.

Language Arts:

Rebekah – 11.5 more weeks to finish
Virginia – 16 more weeks to finish  (Yikes more than I thought)
Samuel – Finished phonics instruction and started Learning Language Arts through Literature Red level.


A Harvest Celebration (Yep Thanksgiving in April)  We’ve spent alot of time with the pilgrims.  More than the program recommended but it has been such a fascinating journey and well worth the visit. The Kids have been learning about cooking techniques and will be preparing our dinner.  It is my hope that it turns out to be a fantastic final project for the year.

This has been an interesting subject for us this year.  We have learned so much and our new program Tapestry of Grace makes it easy for one segment to flow into the other.  There is so much information that I would rather take my time.  I’d like to make it to George Washington then pick up where we left of after a month break in June. We have a guest visitor Abigail Adams coming in May so that should be a fabulous experience.


We will try to finish this up before June.  The kids are motivated and so am I.  🙂

Fine Arts:

Photo Journal of our Sri Lanka trip:  Almost done should finish up tomorrow.  Yipeee!
Act out a play we are writing for our Unit Celebration

Thanks for the challenge.  We had a review this week and this was an interesting finish.  Guess I had better think about where we are going to go from here.

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