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by Darla on June 10, 2010

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It is hard to believe that it has been barely 48 hours since we arrived in Pittsburgh and 24 hours later, I got on the Greyhound headed west.  I don’t recommend that kind of whirlwind trip.

Going out of Denver towards Salt Lake City we headed over the mountains this trip in the daylight and towards Steamboat Springs.  The views were fantastic and there were a few surprises in Steamboat.

The first part of the trip didn’t seem so bad but then we started climbing.  The switchbacks going up the side were so steep we crawled.  It probably didn’t help that we had a trainee driver and his supervisor.  I’m kind of glad as this kind of driving isn’t my favorite.  Half way up the mountainside I resorted to meditation music to keep it together.  It always puts me to sleep.  🙂

We just came up that road below us.

We followed this river bed for awhile.

Then we saw….

Can you see it between the windshield wiper and center support of the wind shield?  Or perhaps the man stopping traffic is a bit of a distraction.  How about this view.

It may look like a cow from this end but the moose was as big as the bus.  There were two.  I’ve driven roads in Pennsylvania where you have to keep an eye out for the deer crossing.  Perhaps you’ve seen the damage from someone that has experienced a close encounter with a deer.  Usually the car loses.  Now if that is the case with a deer, who in their right mind would hit a moose that was as big as a bus.

This made my day and was worth a good hearty laugh.   It also provided some enjoyment during a very long ride.

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