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by Darla on August 19, 2009

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This last week I’ve been working on a new project – learning how to create and update a blog roll.  I’ve never done this type of thing before but it really spoke to my heart.  Since this was a conversion from an existing roll the opportunity arose to visit over 70 blogs in a short time.  As this is still in the process of updating, I get an opportunity to look at new blogs as they present their names for admission to the blog roll, they are incredible.

As I looked at one of the new admissions today, the thought came to do a Blog Spotlight.  There is no order to this just what appeals to my heart at the time.  I may have to go with two.  🙂

Over at the Golden Oak Academy they are learning using Tapestry of Grace Year 2 units 3 and 4.  She has great pictures.  My favorite is a little girl on the beach with binoculars – very cute.

The second blog I would like to spotlight is Rockin C where home improvement is taking place.  She is participating in Not Back to School Blog Hop.  Ooooh the rooms these ladies are improving.  WOW!  Not having a dedicated space for homeschool room is sometimes a challenge staying content especially when I see rooms like these. They are on to introducing their students this week.   Check it out.


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