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by Darla on May 30, 2008

in Science

We spent the month of April in the air and on the road.  We started in Doha, Qatar then flew to Washington DC where we stayed a couple days with my bil and sil.  They are so awesome.  Then I went to visit my mother in northern Pennsylvania while my dh went to Pittsburgh PA and time with our daughter and worked out of the local campus a couple days.

After a week the three kids and I drove to Pittsburgh where we saw Laura after being parted for a whole year.  What a happy dance we had.  It was so much fun spending time with her and our good friends there.  Only 4 days.

Brian was so excited to be with friends he volunteered to help rake a 3/4 acre lawn. YIKES!

Laura wanted to visit the Human Body Exhibit that was at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.  It is well worth the dollars to go.  The detail is amazing.

Then it was a drive from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles CA where we met Brian’s family.  We stayed in Anaheim about 20 minutes away.  It was such a bittersweet time.  We got to hug and kiss the new baby Afshin, meet our almost 2 year old nieces and family and say goodbye to my BIL who is struggling in the last stages of cancer.  It was so amazing to see his strength.  I pray for him and his family daily.

After that short visited we went to Las Vegas where dh had a business conference.  My dh got to see the Blue Man Group perform which he LOVED.  After six days we flew straight from Vegas to Washington DC and then connect to Doha Qatar.  We were never so happy to get on the last plane.  Our connections weren’t straight  through we had to get our baggage at Dulles, get tickets for our Doha flight, recheck baggage and reenter through security.  We had 2 hours to do it.  If it hadn’t been 9pm it never would have happened.  It was a miracle that we did.

A month seems like a long time but I have to tell you April flew by.

May hasn’t been much better.  We returned home to move from our home at Barzan to a smaller house that is part of Education City.  There are many reasons why but we in the end we are happy although we are missing the swimming pool.   I hope to get pictures posted soon.   Virginia has been busy with rehearsals for her annual ballet recital which happens shortly.  She is really excited about that, family too.  They are looking forward to seeing more of her in the dvd we will purchase.  Bekah has had quite a few youth activities at church and we’ve had a couple other homeschool group activities as well.  We’ll tell you more about those in another post.

The temperature has been on the rise and days of 100F have kept us inside as well as finishing up our school year.  Last week we finished up our annual testing.  We tried a new service from Hewitt Research Foundation that provides PASS testing specifically designed for home schoolers.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

We had to take the placement tests to determine which tests the children should take.  That was a little confusing.  The results will get mailed on Sunday.  My guess is that it will be early to mid-July before the results are returned.  I had thought that these were more of a diagnostic than the CAT tests so that is why I tried the PASS tests this year.  The plan is to switch back and forth.

All and all it has been a busy couple of months.   I’m looking forward to a calm and peaceful summer.

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