Cultural Dinner and Show – Day 8

by Darla on November 28, 2009

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Monday night we went to a Cultural Night that was to share the traditional meal and show different types of dance.  They picked us up in a van and took us through the city to the location.

At the beginning we sat down and they brought us our drinks then brought us our meal on the little round serving trays.  The food was very interesting.  All through dinner we enjoyed music.  You can see a photo of them on the stage.  Shortly after they began the formal dance portion of the program.  It resembled very slow ballet.  The amount of control they had to hold the positions for a long time was amazing.

Shortly after wards we moved to the next part as they showed us a demonstration of a Loi Krathong lantern lighting.  Here is the festival lighting below.

Ours was a simple lighting of one lantern.  Since we planned to light our own tomorrow night it seemed a good idea to watch.

After a few minutes they moved us to a new stage that resembled what would have been for the hill tribes and less formal dancing.  Their dress and style reminded me of South American dances.  🙂

The children danced for us first in a rhythm stick type of style.  Four children banged long bamboo poles on the ground to a rhythm that sounded like we will rock you minus the chorus.  The remaining children danced from corner to corner in the spaces.  I’ll add a link to the video if the internet connection cooperates.

Poor Laura was sick from a dysentery that had been going through the massage school.  She was so sad to miss this event.  I told her it was just another reason to come back to Thailand.  She thought that was a fine reason.

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