Curriculum Junkie or Eclectic Style?

by Darla on August 19, 2006

in Home Education

Do you ever get the feeling when you look at your bookshelves that you just love collecting curriculum. Over the years we have tried, Konos, Math U See, Saxon, Sonlight etc. Mostly I am discovering that I just LOVE books.

Over the years, after purchasing something and realizing that I or the kids didn’t love a program we would sell it, donate it, loan it, but mostly just get rid of it.  On a recent visit to a fellow home educator’s home, I realized what a mistake I had been making.  She keeps them all except for the ones that are horrible.  Why?  Well when her children get bored with one program they switch to something else.  No more trips to the store, just go to your shelf and try something else.

What an epiphany that was for me.  Sometimes the unit study approach just doesn’t work sometimes it does. Maybe you haven’t yet had this happen but one day you wake up and that great math program that has worked for the last 5 years just doesn’t work.  Does it mean that it is wrong, maybe for the moment.  Maybe it is time to read really great classics about math.  Our favorites are Mathematicians are people too.  They are awesome for regenerating a love of math.  It helped some of those lessons just make sense again.

So, my new way of thinking is to say will this program work for our family in the future?  If yes, it stays.

We’ve learned something else along the way.  That is really great books are timeless.  No matter the age or child you can read them again and again.  You guessed it we are writing our own list of classics.  A recent listening of a homeschool seminar defined a “Classic” as one that you personally will read again and again.   So I am creating my own list, which is short because I rarely read a book over again.  Oddly the Harry Potter series is one of them.  Who knows why, I just enjoy reading it and getting out of my own space.  Have you created your list?  Start today!

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