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by Darla on August 21, 2009

in Home Education

This week is Day-in-the-Life Week! at Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.  I’ve enjoyed following others as they are posting that I may just go back and do the first challenges just because I can.  🙂  It is amazing to see what we homeschooler can accomplish in their day.  Click on this My 3 boybarians or the tag at the bottom of this page.

Thursday is the last day of our week. So it tends to be the catch all for anything that is left over.

Wednesday evening we started the negotiation with a family interested in our house in the United states. We are seven hours ahead so I tried to stay up later to not hinder that process any more than normal.

At 3am I woke up and wondered how it was going and if things were moving ahead or stuck. I tried to go back to sleep but snuck in to check the computer to see if our agent had emailed an update. He hadn’t so I went back to bed.

At 5am – My body clock said it is time to get moving. Might have been the diet 7-up from the night before as my body doesn’t react well to sugar. I get hyper. My day begins usually at 5:30 so it isn’t that big a deal. Again the body clock I would gladly sleep in. 🙂

This is my quiet time which consists of time to check email (our main way of communicating with family and friends in the US), update our HST with completed assignments from the day before, check tests, homework, then I take some time to move my body, spend time with my Core book (Book of Mormon or Bible), meditation and prayers. Today my study was random in the hope that I would receive some answers about what we should do in regards to the negotiations – how low do we go and what does God want us to do? The answers came that he was aware of our needs and would take care of us. God is great.

At 6:30 Rebekah woke and came to join me in checking her email, reading and working on a short story. She is reading the Twilight series again for more details so she can complete a short story she wrote about Bella telling Charlie what she was…. Don’t tell me if you know I haven’t read all the books yet and she says it will ruin it if I know.

The gardeners came by shortly after to start watering the garden which is a daily task at this time of year. I don’t have to look out the window to know because our pipes start hammering when the water is pumped through them. It has happened long enough now that the children sleep straight through it.

This morning I was starving so I began breakfast of egg omelets. Bekah didn’t want one. I cut up extra onions and green peppers for tonight’s dinner menu Chicken Pot Pie and lunch of open face Sloppy Joes. Not sure how it happened but I’m on lunch and dinner menu cooking.

Our dishwasher is on the fritz so some quality time in that department then I watched an episode of Murder, She wrote – not a normal practice.

At 7:30 Brian (dh) gets ready for work. Today he is driving because he will take Virginia for a lunch interview. He takes one child per week to spend a little one on one time with dad. They get to talk with him without interruption and he keeps in touch with what is going on in their lives.

Shortly after that Samuel joined us. He starts by passing out good morning hugs and kisses. His question this morning and many times today, “Is it a Free Day?” “No, Son it is not a free day today it is a day to learn and grow”, I told him. Free days mean that he can get on the computer first thing and play computer games. The computers all have timers on them and they do not have access until 2pm. Mom’s bad guy status is reduced and work gets done. The older children use my computer for any school work and they have my code to enter, it works. If they misuse it they are done with my password and have to wait until I can log them on.

At 8 Brian left for work. Not realizing that he left, I had Samuel wake up the others thinking we could have family prayers before dh left for work.

The day begins and everyone slowly gets up and gets going; Breakfast, teeth brushed etc.

Samuel was ready so he and I started with a prayer, his scripture reader, and his assignments for today. We are finishing up his last history reader and started on his next literature assignment. There isn’t too much because the rest of the week went well. In the meantime, Bekah went to work on her math

The girls are finished getting ready by the time Sam is done so we start our devotionals which consist of reading scriptures, my adding excerpts from a guide book and asking questions. There wasn’t much today but the girls weren’t ready to be done so we went on to the next days lessons. Our read aloud is Pipe, Paddle and Song which I’ve been struggling with because of the pronunciations and all the french words. I’ve had to change some of the names because it is driving me nuts. Oh well it is a good story if we can get over that part of it. The chapters are quite long as well so even though there are only 3 chapters a week it is taking us all week long to get the reading done. Since I’ve dragged my feet over the pronunciations we are a bit behind on this part. Samuel hangs around playing with blocks on the floor or his marble run or some other project. Ginny and Bekah usually draw while I read to them. We all have a handcraft that we work on while the person reads. It is a very enjoyable part of the day.

When we are done reading, I have instruction time with them teaching them about something that they need for this week. It might be something related to their writing, a project, map work etc. It changes every day and each week. This is usually about 30 minutes could be more depending on the day or activity. If it is too long I do this after lunch.

Today, everyone has individual assignments to finish up. Ginny has some work to finish up from her reading assignments and math so she went off to finish that. Bekah had some problems from her earlier math so I helped her out on that. Then the golden carrot was dangled, if we all get our work done, I’ve got a craft we can do this afternoon.

At 11:30 Brian came to pick up Virginia and we started lunch of open faced sloppy joe sandwiches. No one wants bread so Laura made french fries. We put the sloppy joe mixture over french fries with a little cheese on top. Green beans left over from the other day make a great finish. They are so yummy that we rarely have it on bread anymore and call it loaded french fries. Samuel finished first so he started a sink of soapy water and washed his lunch dishes, each of the other children do the same. This is working until the repair man can get here. Doesn’t look like it will happen today as he was supposed to come before noon. Ramadan – a Muslim holiday – starts at midnight tonight so it may be a couple more days before that happens, UGH! It has been on the fritz off and on over the last 6 months. If it had been my house, I would have just bought a new one but it is not so we have to wait.

In the middle of lunch preparation, I get a new home schooler call.  This time of year it happens all the time.  Usually a couple a day.  This one was easy because he was looking for socialization helps.  I found a fantastic group in Doha that is open to children of all ages, which is so helpful to me.  Told him I would send the link for the group his way.  I’m investigating this group for myself.  They have fantastic offerings and a great structure for their group.  It may be just what we need for our homeschooler group.

No word on the house yet and it is still too early so I’m trying desperately to resist the urge to keep checking my email. We asked our real estate agent to handle the negotiations on our behalf to a certain point then check in with us. It keeps it going so we don’t have to worry about missing each other’s phone calls. We have to be in our house to receive this call from our vonage phone. This phone allows us to call to the United States without international rates which works out to be $130 for half an hour or at least 3 years ago. I’m sure that rate has gone up.

While I’m online I quickly send off the link to the group for the social group to the list and follow up with two other new homeschooler contacts this week.  Still looking for a French speaking homeschooler and a friend’s name comes to mind.  Maybe she is still homeschooling in Doha so I send off an email to her.   Now on to menu planning for this next week.

Quickly the kids (Virginia returned and I took Brian back to work so I could have the car) and I fill out our menu for the next week. We all have assigned days with an older sibling or parent if they are too young to cook. Each child picks what they are going to cook. This makes menu planning a snap and we finish that in short order and Bekah and I are off to the grocery store. I wish that I could take a picture to show you because it is a mad house. I left grocery shopping too late this week. The parking lot was filled and the inside of the store wasn’t much better. Usually it is quite empty at 1pm. We met with a neighbor returning from vacation and stocking her shelves. It was lovely to catch up. Personally it was great to be doing this and not be in a fog zone from jet lag.

We found just about everything we needed this trip. Hash browns and hot chocolate are the only items on the list, fantastic. All the other items that have been on the list for a week or longer were found. Guess they restocked shelves for Ramadan so no need to make trips to other stores on Saturday. That is good because the times all change and some stores are open weird hours during Ramadan. Some are open from 8:30am to 11:30am close and reopen at 5pm until 3am when they close. See if I just got up at 1am and did my shopping then life would be good. It would be easy if they were all open the same time but they aren’t so you just have to figure it out.

Here’s the funny – the lady in front of me at the meat counter bought all these packages of chicken.  I thought fantastic the boneless ones are still there.   About that time, she realizes the bone is in and wants the very ones I had my eye on.  She bought all they had.  Almost made it.  No worries it will be just a little more work or I could do it the way my Indian friends do, chop them up with bone in.

At home, the remaining children started up laundry and did a quick tidy on the livingroom.  Ginny finished her piano lesson with Laura.  She is learning so quickly her desire was strong and it is working.  She practices without reminders from me and I check up with her and Laura every so often to see how it is going.  There is more motivation to practice when your teacher won’t give you the next lesson because they KNOW you haven’t practiced.  Laura is pleased with Ginny’s progress and wants to dig out some of the recital pieces I purchased this past spring.

Everyone helps to unload the groceries.  We need to do this quickly because it is so hot outside about 101 degrees and the humidity is running at 85%.  That done and we spend a few minutes to get them all put away.  My early morning/late night are wearing on me so I took a break – Murder she wrote dvd episodes.  I took a quick cat nap.  One more check for email then it is dinner prep time.  YEAH we had a counter from the buyers and we countered back.  This looks like it will happen at this point.  Woot!

Bekah helped make the biscuit dough for the top of our pie so I can have a few more minutes.

So off to prepare dinner and wash up remaining dishes and put them away.  That done and guess what the Dishwasher repair guy is here with a new machine.  Dinner goes in the oven.  I stay while they make the necessary switch and Laura goes to pick up Brian from work.

Brian and Laura get home, the repair guys are done and we have some quiet time before dinner.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind day.

Samuel set the table and I brought the chicken pot pie.  After prayers, I served it to the children but when I got to the next one the dough wasn’t cooked all the way through.  Back to the oven.  Brian didn’t want to wait for it to finish so he and I went to get substitutes for those of us that didn’t get the first round.  Laura made smoothies for dessert which was a wonderful finish.Oh well the chicken pot pie will be left for dinner tomorrow after church.   Our family scheduled a special fast for Friday (our Sabbath) for the Lord’s will to happen in regards to selling our house.  We will continue that fast in the hopes that things will go smoothly or that we can come to amicable solutions to problems that may arise.

Spent a few more minutes in clean up, and went upstairs to read.  I’m so tired my two 10 minute naps weren’t enough today.  Reading didn’t go on for very long and I dozed off.  Not good at this time of day.  Next think I know Laura is knocking that it is time for family prayers and scriptures.  I’m so tired I forgot to bring my glasses.  Dh graciously excused me from tonight’s reading.  I think I remember that part, we cover the same material in our morning devotionals so no worries next week I’ll read it again.  Personal prayers and bed, I crashed.

Update: at 3am our time I woke and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I checked email to find that the buyers had accepted the last offer made.  Yipee, the first step down now appraisal, home inspection and final bank approval for buyer’s loan.  If you feel led, please keep both sides in your prayers for God’s will to be done. We will continue our fast today.

Fantastic news now I can go back to sleep.


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1 trina August 24, 2009 at 4:41 pm

WOW . . . what a day. . . thanks so much for sharing ~ have a blessed week~

2 Tiffany August 24, 2009 at 6:22 pm

CONGRATS!! I will be praying all goes as smoothly as possible. Now I’m off to take a nap – your schedule has exhausted me! 🙂 What a day!

3 Darla August 26, 2009 at 7:00 am

Thank goodness they aren’t all like that.

4 Angilee August 26, 2009 at 3:34 pm

What a great day. Its hard getting through the day with something like the sale of a house hanging over your head! I remember that from a year ago. I really enjoyed reading about your day – it was very warm and just like home should be. I need some chicken pot pie now! Its funny how we end up cooking whole meals at lunch as homeschoolers. I have my kids, mom, and husband to feed for every meal. Sometimes its just sandwiches or smoothies, but I can’t really get away with that all the time. We like to make vegetable curry over fries – but I think I’m going to do sloppy joes soon. I’m so hungry now and I can’t eat because of a doctor visit this morning! I hope your house sells quickly with little trouble.

5 Darla August 26, 2009 at 9:18 pm


Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you came for a visit and hope your doctor’s visit goes well. 🙂


6 tina August 27, 2009 at 9:49 pm


Wow! What a full day 🙂 I pray you all sell your home soon. I loved reading about your day in Qatar. My husband was there for 6 months in 2002. Blessings, Tina

7 Laurie August 28, 2009 at 12:52 am

Wow! How wonderful that the offer process is a done deal and you are moving forward on selling the house. I know how nerve wracking that is, having recently gone through all that a few months ago. I was on the e-mail and cell phone as much as possible, but then we were stateside and that made it easier.

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