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by Darla on March 3, 2011

in Home Education

Two weeks ago, we started attending coop here in Reno.  We love, love, love that it is about 5 minutes up the road.  We decided to dip our toes in rather than to jump in full swing.  All three children are taking a self-defense class K-4 and 5-12 divisions.  While the girls are in class and Samuel is taking Incredible Inventions.

It has been interesting to see the results of their efforts.  The first was that their muscles were very sore from the activities and second they like to test each other around the house with one being the aggressor and the other the defender.  So far there haven’t been accidents.  Their endurance is building because they aren’t huffing and puffing as much.  Their teacher is wonderful.  He is encouraging, engaging, and patient.  His three rules are 1.  Listen 2. Be Safe and 3. Have fun.

Samuel is taking another class during his sisters defense class – Incredible Inventions.  Last week, they learned about toothpaste and marketing.  Along with a team they developed their idea of toothpaste and developed a plan for marketing their new product.  There were some very interesting ideas, some of which I wish were on the market, like expanding crystals that eat the bad stuff off your teeth.  🙂  This has turned out to be a much better fit.

I also love that the leaders are respectful of parents needs.  They start just after labor day and run until just before Thanksgiving and stop until the first part of February.   The Spring session runs from February 17th through May 12th with a week off for spring break.  There is a showcase on May 19th where the children display what they have learned or participate in a demonstration activity in front of the group depending their class.

The other thing that I love, is that we have an opportunity to meet together before the last hour to sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.   It is turning out to be a great experience for all involved.  I wonder what they will learn today?

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