Educational plan: Chaos or Peace

by Darla on October 27, 2007

in Home Education

Each year I spend many hours researching trying to decide what we would study the following year.  It was such a dilema.  My husband suggested that I make a basic outline of the things we would be studying.  In the past, I’ve avoided it because it seemed to take so much time and we would end up changing the materials.  While discussing it, I realized that the materials may change but the topics don’t have to.

Since Sam is the youngest and covers most, I will share his here. Gallew Family Wiki

There is a .pdf and .doc version of the same file.

One more thing that I realized would be necessary, a list of basic skills that might depend more on the individual child as for readiness..  This would be for things like typing, handwriting, writing a friendly letter, business letter, filling out applications, job interviews, sew  on a buttom, hem pants, change oil or a tire etc.   While we had accomplished many things it would have been nice to keep a running check list so that you knew that at least once in your lifetime you covered it with them.  (Kind of like an owners manual) hehehe

I’ve seen a checklist somewhere for this very thing.  If you find it or know where it is let me know I would love to post a link for it here.  Here is one but it isn’t the one I was looking for because the list I saw had three levels to check off and it showed that the child made progress and when they achieved mastery.


Good luck with your planning!

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