First month of School

by Darla on September 7, 2013

in Reno, Nevada

A couple weeks have gone by since starting the new homeschool year and it has been good.  We’ve had a few more field trips with a focus on nature study.  I’m finding more parks in the area to check out.  Here are a couple on our list to check out in the near future, Rock Park and Idlewild Park.  One of the benefits of being on facebook is finding out what everyone else is doing.  Looks like a great place to go cool off without an enormous price tag.

Rock Park in Sparks NV

We’ve tried out the creating a masterpiece: Pencil dvd that is recommended by Simply Charlotte Mason.  The techniques are simple enough to do and we are on lesson 3.  One of my kids does not like the voice of the artist.  So we turn it down and go forward.  Our last lesson we learned to draw ducks in one continuous line.  That was interesting.  I’m looking forward to the next lesson.

Our Franz Joseph Haydn composer study is going well.  We’ve listened to 4 different pieces so far.  Each lesson before we start I play a name that tune and see if they can guess which pieces.  It has been pretty awesome to see that they are getting them every time.  I think my favorite is Surprise.

Artist Study:  Jan Van Ewyck.  So much information in the picture study packs available on Simply Charlotte Mason.  We will use them again.  I love that the photos are so crisp and clean.  The details have been perfect for our studies.  Previously I printed them out on paper here at home.  Perhaps it is my printer but they didn’t come out as nice.  I love that everything we need is in the package together.

Idlewild Park, Reno NV

History:  I was a little skeptical of the Famous Men of Middle Ages book and using this solely for our history again that is working out well too.  It is just enough information for them to narrate back to me and remember at the next lesson.  They use the Rob Shearer version of this book and we use the free version.  The free version is missing a few of the characters mentioned in our lesson plans but I’ve found information online or in other books we owned to make up for it.

Their readers are also quite interesting.  One of my goals this year was to be able to draw the kids into the time period and feel a connection.  There is more spontaneous discussion of the books they are reading and connecting to the people of the time period.  We just finished King Arthur and His Knights Sam was really sad that King Arthur died in the book.  Then we talked about what made King Arthur such an amazing man and what led to the downfall of the round table.  I always wondered that myself.

One of the challenges that we’ve had is that everyone is loving the books we are reading and you never know where you are going to find it.  Our next book The Vikings by Elizabeth Janeway is fantastic.

To sum it up we are really pleased with the materials we are using.  This is a real treasure for the price.  I was concerned about the amount of materials with the history but it is working out well.  Our whole program is well rounded and we are doing all that I have always wanted to study just never could figure out how to make it all work.

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