by Darla on January 24, 2010

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This last week my brain has been on panorama view.  It is great to get the big picture but wow it is exhausting and can be overwhelming if you look at it too long as there is just too much to take in.

Time to get things back into focus and start living in the present.

While saying that my thoughts turned to Eckert Tolle’s book A friend turned me onto the webcast that was shown on Oprah with Eckert as the guest speaker for 10 weeks.  Really amazing experience Enough said about Eckert but know that living in the present is a challenge for me and his helpful strategies have been amazing.

This last week my routines have been chaotic and I could tell, yesterday was a struggle to keep it together and I found myself focusing on goodbyes and the things we are giving up.  Not a good place.

Our cub scout troop has an absolutely fantastic cub master, he and his wife share the responsibilities.  Yesterday they inspired me to remember their fine examples and carry them with me for those future times.  They make the job seem doable.  In any case, Samuel’s experience with cub scouting has been much different than his dad’s as a result.  I can’t thank them enough for their efforts.

This thought leads me on to a few goals.

1.  Samuel is close to earning his wolf badge and would really like to attend the camp out on the 20th/21st of March.  His den will be working to get their wolf badge at the same time.  How awesome for them to be able to stand together.  It is such a fun ceremony.

2.  Dejunking/Purging our storage shed and book shelf once more.

3.  House cleaning/cooking assignments – Figure out assignments.  Up to now, we’ve had help once a week for the basic cleaning.  It has been a wonderful blessing.

4.  Decide what to do for our unit celebration – we were planning a big hoopla but not sure what to do with it now – maybe a group presentation day with lunch afterwards?  Don’t know.

5.  Get together with the ladies from Doha Home Educators to make decisions on what to do with the website and other contact information, priviledges for the support group that I’ve played a role in over the last couple years.

That is good enough for this week besides our regular school work.  We got a little behind last week but not too bad.

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