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by Darla on October 23, 2007

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This spring while traveling in the US we stopped for homeschool conference that held a Thomas Jefferson Education one day seminar. Have you ever learned so much your fingers couldn’t stop writing and your head ached by the end of the day with so much great new information. What a fabulous learning experience.

One suggestion was for mom to work on her interests alongside her children.  Presently, these are my interests. My brain sort of works in cycles in that I learn about it intensely for awhile until I get stuck then I end up with a new topic until my brain can figure out how to work out the problems on the previous project.

  1. Learn css and html
  2. Digital photography
  3. Learn how to draw
  4. Learn more about composers and artist studies.
  5. Sewing kids costumes without a pattern.

What are you learning?

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