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by Darla on January 23, 2009


Planning is definitely a personal thing.  Each year it seems that our forms change as I gain greater insight on how to apply the principles of TJED in our home.

This is the slide show of my planner.

These forms are basic because the more complicated the less likely they are to work in our family.   I had some objectives in mind when creating them.


1.  Simplicity
2.  Provide a way for the children to see that they could set goals
3.  A way to measure how much we’ve accomplished
4.  The opportunity to return and report – Accountability when they come to Parent/child Interview.
5.  Help the children realize that they are in charge of their own education.

A Big List – as described in TJED Companion.  There is an example of a completed list in this book for your reference.  This sheet is for brainstorming ideas of things they would like to learn about or interests they have.  Mom and the child do this in a quiet place.  I wrote while the children brainstorm. I made suggestions but didn’t write anything down unless they liked the idea.   Usually items I knew they enjoyed but didn’t include and waited until the end.

Monthly Plan – After we had our “brainstorming session”  They would decide what and how much to do.   (Mom Too)

Weekly Report – We have accountability for our work to the government.  I found it difficult with the children participating in their own projects and activities to know exactly what they did that week.  Just filling out a sheet without guide lines didn’t work so well. This was made using all of the options that are available to them and they can write in other projects – this will change by year depending on materials used regularly.

In the works:

Skills Classes – Following TJED Companion suggestions and format.

Mom’s Binder: My binder contains all of the above plus…  I’ve added some dividers with tabs that mark the different areas of focus.

Weekly Plan sheet – This is for our “Devotionals, Mom School and Family Reading time”   The projects and activities are for me to do.  Often my children will join me, but sometimes not if they have their own interests to pursue.  I don’t detail plan more than a week in advance

Monthly Plan – I use a regular monthly calendar to plan our our group activities

If something is unclear, please feel free to ask.

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