Goals and fruition of hard work

by Darla on May 4, 2013

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What is it about May and June that just seem like a good time to evaluate where I’ve been and what is going on.  Admittedly this year it has been pretty skimpy in entries.  There were several things that have gone on without there being much time to sit and write.

For the past week, I’ve been preparing for another school year.  This summer just needs to be a break from planning and time to live life.  This time it will be more about a deeper preparation for the future on several fronts.  That is what I’d like to share in this post both on a personal level of preparation, that of our family and for our home education adventure.

The personal level of preparation is more from the aspect that another child is preparing to leave for college.  I’m very grateful that this time it doesn’t feel like we are dropping her off and flying to the other side of the world.  That was one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever done.  It has been about enjoying all the changes that are taking place in such a very short time seeing her grow to being her best self yet, finding confidence in new abilities – singing and her knowledge of what she believes in doing.

One weaknesses of mine is thinking that everybody can do this so thus you got it.  Unfortunately it extends to my children at times.  As Bekah’s friends have made their final choices about school, I’ve been surprised at how many have not gotten their first choice despite their fantastic grades, extra curricular activities, volunteer work etc what in my mind means acceptance to any school you choose.  There is no way for me to know the exact reason why however, the thought has come again and again it was because of their convictions or rather their actions.

Their actions did not reflect their heart so it limited their choices latter on.   Bekah’s determination and convictions did reflect her heart and so she went for it despite the sacrifices.  Is that the reason she got what she wanted?  I don’t know that either but as I look at her scores and the outside information they met the standard.   The only difference I see is that she went to seminary because she loves it and participated with her heart.  The same could be said for Church participation, Young Women’s program, her completion of personal progress goals, her volunteer work, girls camp, history, art, family time etc.  She participates with her heart and follows the standards set.

It has been a gift to me to see this evolution in her.  You would never know the struggles that she has overcome or the challenges that she faced.  I’m very pleased and know that she is prepared for this next segment of her life.  Well done young lady.

Transformations are the best part of being a home educator.  Whether that transformation is seeing them face the challenge of walking across the floor for the first time or to grab the bull by the horns and tackle a really tough subject and keep at it until she understands and excels.  There are so many other levels in between.

curled-logoSo that is part of the family preparation that is going on.  The other part of the preparation is a move in our future more than likely within the next year.  As I’ve posted before, my parents moved in with us a year ago December for health reasons.  At some point, we are going to need a bedroom on the first floor and this house just doesn’t have it or the room to expand so thus a move is in order.  To me where at this point isn’t the concern but rather the preparation.  I’ve moved many times and mostly it has been okay.   This time,  decided that I’d like to move deliberately and with intention.   What does that mean?  To me it means the house is ready to sell, our possessions have been sorted and we keep the good stuff and not move the junk.  This is the guide that I’m using to help with this process.  Flylady’s moving tips

This next part covers financial preparation.  For our oldest daughter we used Larry Burkett’s  Teen money matter’s course.  Over time people had expressed to us their love of Dave Ramsey.  This year when I looked at purchasing a financial program for Bekah’s school work I decided to check out Dave’s Financial Peace Course.  This isn’t an earth shatteringly new concept.   Actually, we used some of these tools years ago and was successful in part but we didn’t have the rest of the picture which Dave’s course includes.

After returning from Qatar, we were completely out of debt which was awesome.  Unfortunately it didn’t stay that way.   There were a few principle’s missing from our arsenal and that is what this program taught Bekah and seeped to us.  I loved what I watched with her and started applying the principles.  We went to the next level by trying out one of Dave’s endorsed ELP for helping us with our investments ie 401K from the several different companies for which Brian has worked.  Our portfolio was not doing as well as I thought it should and wanted help to do better.  College for Bekah was looming and didn’t know how it could possibly  be paid for without a ton of loans.  Not only did he show us how but helped us figure out a financial plan to get out of debt in an extremely short period of time by readjusting what we were doing with the money we had.  Presently we owe for our house and that is it.  We’ve also got the tools in place to make this a lasting change rather than just until the next major emergency hits.  What a wonderful feeling.

We are now working on the investment side to see what is the best choice available for us.  If he looks at what we have and the company that we have is good, he will help us to adjust some of our investments inside that vehicle.  If not, we will make the changes necessary.  We make the decisions and he is there as an adviser.  Part of me wishes he were here 20 years ago when we were looking for someone to help us make informed choices.  My children will not need to struggle in that way.   Now they may chose not to but that will be up to them.

So even if I forget my priorities at some point in the future, I know the path back just use Baby Steps.



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