Happy, Healthy and Grateful

by Darla on January 2, 2009

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A One Child Policy Homeschool recently blogged about her Christmas breakfast choices in a post titled The Luxurious Pleasures of a Muffin.  Wow this post made me pause and think about things that have changed in our life since moving overseas.  The choices and options that we took for granted living in a land of abundance.  Here are some examples.

During the first summer it was difficult to find spaghetti sauce so I learned to make my own from scratch. WOW does that taste good.
We can make our own corn tortillas and chips.  (A local American restaurant sells them fresh but it is a drive and a luxury)
The price of ice cream went up to $10 a quart for ice cream so we learned to make our own.  We like it better.

It has been interesting to see family and friends make this shift from convenience to necessity due to the changes in economy.  We can fight it and spend all our energy doing so or figure out a new plan.  Funny that after going through the shift myself, the toughest part is changing my mind from not how much I spend or where we go to being content where we are financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  What a difference it has made to my outlook on life.

Wow that was deep.

Everyone is healthy at the moment and we are glad of that.  Yesterday we went to a park and local beach to have our family photo taken.  We chose to wear some apparel that we purchased while on vacation in Sri Lanka; Indian saree for the ladies and sarong’s for the gentlemen.

A family from India thought it was great.  They tried to casually take a video of our family while having our photos taken but it was pretty obvious and quite funny.  (It can be an opportunity to visit the local jail or trouble with the police if you photo the wrong person or without permission.)  In the end, she asked permission to take a photo of our family and theirs.  Kelly, our photographer, took a photo of both our families.  The whole idea still cracks me up.

If the back of the digital camera is any indication, the family pictures are fantastic.  We hope to use some of these and pictures collected from our lives to create a photo wall.  The collage that started on our refrigerator inspired something greater when we tried to figure out what kind of artwork to put on a large wall in our livingroom.  We’ve picked the best photos we could find of family, friends, pictures of places and events that are important to us.  It should be quite interesting.

While we were sharing some ideas on New Year’s Resolutions, the thought struck me that life is good, things are going well all around and just keep on with present focus is good enough.  New life altering changes in a list are just future resentments towards myself because I couldn’t do

……   So this year, it is keep on….

reading scriptures
saying prayers
keeping in touch with family and friends
enjoying family
learning about new things (school work)
teaching my Friday class and
being grateful for all that God has blessed me with now and each new day including the challenges that help me to grow.

For Today: Our family is happy, healthy and grateful for our blessings.  It is our wish for you and your family as well.

Happy New Year!

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