Heavenly Pizza

by Darla on June 29, 2009

in Travels

On the way back from visiting with Betsy Ross at her house we stopped by Old City Pizza Restaurant.  That it was busy was the best recommendation but still room to get a table.  This shop is on the corner of 3rd and Arch street in downtown Philadelphia in the historic district. (the same as Betsy Ross’s house)

We were hoping to get a taste of the famous Philly cheese steak sandwich and the kids were hungry for traditional pizza with “pork” toppings rather than the faux ones they usually get.

Now you see the pizza here is the face that goes with it.

While you might think this is pain but no.  Ginny said, MOM can we take this restaurant back to Doha with us it is absolutely fabulous.  Everyone else agreed.  We had to go back again just to make sure it was really as good as we thought the first time. hehehe.  The cheese steak was good as well, my recommendation is the Supreme version.

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