House – Day 6 and 7

by Darla on November 14, 2010

in Reno, Nevada

I wanted to post a few more pictures from this week’s visit to our build site.  We had a bit of a snafu.  Definitely not noticeable unless you knew the plan.  KB realized what happened and called us immediately, unfortunately they couldn’t undo it but they did make restitution that was amenable to Brian and I.  It is comforting to know that if there are mistakes that they will do their best to make it right certainly gives me more confidence in working with them.

Well here are the rest of the pictures from this week.

Day 6 all the plumbing rough ins are in and forms for the outer walls

Day 7 – Looks like the added gravel

Day 7 – Close up

Laura stopped by first thing this morning and this is where they were.  Brian and I stopped by on the way back from San Jose and they had added insulation on top of the gravel as well as the gas line from the street and the rough ins along the wall in the laundry and by the back porch.

It has been a really busy week my heart is filled with gratitude at our many blessings.

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