House update

by Darla on January 6, 2011

in Reno, Nevada

It is hard to believe that another month has passed.  Where on earth did it go.  It is also easy to get caught up in the simplicity of facebook’s simple one word phrases that don’t require much thought when life happens.

The house is coming along from the last time I posted.  Right now we are awaiting the approval of a new drywall contractor.  The last one went out of business which is really sad.

InsulationWith Insulation

I thought it was interesting that they put the drywall on before the stucco.   I’m told they do it this way because when they are pounding to install the drywall it can knock the stucco off the side of the house before it has a chance to cure so thus they do it first.

We are definitely learning to have patience in the process.  The hard part is to be content with where we are right now and what we are doing.  Transitions are always interesting.

Today they added the RV outlet to the side of the house and put new patio doors in.  The first set had a cracked flange.  Since they’ve had extra time they replaced them and releveled the house since it had settled.  Good news about this is hopefully it will mean fewer cracks down the road.

The bank called Monday and all our paperwork is finished and through underwriting.  YEAH now we just wait until the house is built.  I think we have a few more papers to sign before closing but as far as the bank is concerned we are good to go.  That is a great feeling.

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