How to wrap a Saree

by Darla on November 20, 2007

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The suggested activity for this week’s lesson was to learn how to wrap a Saree.  Our neighbour who came from India said she would help us out.

Here’s Ginny giving it a try.

Our neighbor showed us a bit differently than the video below.

Your shirt.  She told us that the shirts can be short or longer to tuck inside your underskirt they can even be long sleeved.  She prefers this as she is also Muslim.  You may need to have a tailor custom make the shirt for you.

Put on an underskirt. This is usually complimentary rather than contrasting to your Saree fabric which is about 6 meters in length. Saree fabric will usually have a border print on the bottom and fancy decorations on the end the goes over your shoulder.

In Qatar your underskirt is usually held up by a piece of string rather than elastic.  I prefer the string because your Saree will be tucked into your underskirt several times and you don’t want it to fall off.

1.  Take one end and enough fabric to go around your waist.

2.  Gather a small bunch and tie it to the end.

3.  Wrap the fabric once around your waist to cover up the gap.  (This gives you enough room to walk without pulling your Saree down. )

4.  Take the decorative end and put it over your shoulder

5.  You will have a loop of fabric at your right side.  Pleat this back and forth in your fingers to take up the extra fabric.  Tuck it into your underskirt.

Make any adjustments so that the fabric hangs evenly from your waist and over your shoulder.

We got Bekah on a video and she did a great job.  I’ll add that video shortly.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a neighbor that can show you how, try this website that has step by step photos.

How to Wrap a Saree – You Tube Video

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