Ice Skating in the desert?

by Darla on December 5, 2007

in Doha, Qatar

Of all the places to go ice skating or to even learn would you think of Doha, Qatar?  We traveled from snowy parts of Pennsylvania to Doha to learn.

Several of the malls have rinks in the center of the malls.  You can rent beginner skates that have double blades making it easier for the newbies.

Coaches circle the rink helping novices until they stand on their own two feet, well sort of.  Bekah Ginny and Sam had a blast.

Sam spent a few minutes with the coach and then he was on his own two feet in a matter of 10 minutes.  A friend spent some time helping him go around the rink.  Last but not least, we escaped the Doha Gallew curse of going to the hospital with an injury each time we go skating.

What is next, Indoor skiing in Dubai UAE anyone?

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