It's a Blast – Volcanos!

by Darla on September 26, 2007

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Monday we spent the day creating our volcano masterpieces and finally the day to complete our experiment is here.  Our family and another in the area are studying The Mystery of History Volume II and Story of the World Vol2.  This week’s study included two great opportunities for projects.  Dead Sea Scrolls and Pompeii.

For the Dead Sea Scrolls, we tea stained a bible verse and a composition from last week’s lesson on Josephus. Today we burned the edges of the dried documents.  They turned out really neat.

All five volcanoes sitting in a row.  Ready set blast, here we go!

Everyone is dying of anticipation and what a day it was.

First we showed in a clear 2L bottle exactly what it would look like inside the volcano.  It was neat to watch the foam rising slowly.  Not sure why, but I expected it to go faster.

Here is the link to that video: preparation

Then after they understood the process, we proceeded to the dining room table to repeat the process with each of their volcanoes.

The first time there wasn’t much reaction and it was rather a slow foaming eruption.  We all were excited but really wanted to see these fellows have a little more of a reaction.

The next video: Blast off

The next time we changed the order we added ingredients.  We put everything in except the baking soda and the results were in keeping with our wishes.  As we wondered why the ingredients should be listed the other way around in the instructions.  (See read directions twice)

You also will hear banging.  That is the children simulating earthquakes that caused some of the plates to shift releasing more lava.

After this activity we sat down to watch a video about Pompeii the Last Day produced by BBC.  It is neat because they portray people in real life situations at the time and how some of them handled the situation.

Tomorrow we will wrap up with completing a diagram of the inside of a volcano to add to our notebooks.

We found ours at Enchanted Learning

What I learned:

  • Have enough ingredients for multiple tries.
  • Read directions twice or maybe three times.
  • Try changing the order and amounts of ingredients to change the flow of lava.
  • Use a tripod for your camera because you want hands free and wobble free pictures.

Here is a link for directions to make your own.  Volcano directions 1 and Enchanted Learning directions w/pictures

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