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by Darla on October 25, 2012

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Hmmm not going to mention how long it has been or feel any guilt about it.  Blogging has been a passion of mine for awhile as is journaling.  The last year with added responsibilities has taken its toll in more than one way.  Blogging just became something else to do rather than feeling the passion for it.

Here’s a catch up list

  • homeschool – many changes this year.  Some disappointments and some new finds in the curriculum department.
  • Wedding – Laura met her sweetheart John Darrington in March and they were married in August.  Yup here’s a picture.
  • Mom and dad are liking the Reno weather.  Made a quick trip to PA to visit family and wrap up some details.
  • Visited family in Arizona in July.  Loved traveling then and strongly considering making it an annual trip.  Had so much fun forgot to take pictures – really sad.
  • Job change – Brian is working from home for Limelight Networking.  Loving the new commute from upstairs to downstairs in the evening
  • Our 2nd car decided it wanted to be a peanut so it works when it wants to.  Thank goodness Brian’s working from home.  The gas bill has been easier to handle.
  • Virginia added another dance class so she is taking pre-pointe, ballet 3/4 and Ballet 3 Curriculum.   She auditioned and is dancing 2 dances for the Nutcracker this December.
  • Samuel is in 5th grade working on his own much more than last year, finished up his Webelos for Scouts and is working on his Arrow of Light.
  • Bekah is a senior-just not ready for this but here it is in any case., working hard on practice hours to get her driver’s license and volunteering at the Nevada Humane Society.  LOVES IT!  She wants to attend BYU-Idaho and is working hard on her application paperwork.  She is really motivated and doing it on her own.
  • backyard is mostly finished although our back yard looks like it has mange – not good.  There will be time enough to take care of that next year.  Maybe I should have stuck with artificial turf.
  • Health – this has been an interesting one.   My back has been giving me fits and spasms until it was too much and ended up finding a new chiropractor as ours left for Canada (really his family is from there).   Health insurance changes with the new job meant a new search.  YEAH! our health insurance covers this now with a copay.  Good thing as it was a bit more complicated than I thought.  Good news some of the problems I’ve had for years are being addressed.
  • On the side bar I have a new button for Whole30.  I’m on day 6 and loving it.  Our whole family eats the dishes and has really enjoyed them so far.  They are not strictly paleo but there is time yet.  mwahahaha.  I’ve already seen a reduction at the scale and the measurements are down.  Technically I’m not doing the challenge as they suggest no scales or measurements.  Sorry I need the motivation from knowing that this is working so I’m not there yet – maybe next time.  Did I mention that sugar cravings are down, loving this feature.
  • Did I mention that Brian and I are exchanging AromaTouch Massages?  So very awesome!
  • Kindle/itouch – you know how they keep updating the software on these things.  Last time they came around with a change for Kindle I didn’t update because it is no compatible with my generation itouch.  Forgot when the latest version came around and could no longer read my books on itouch so stuck reading them on the computer or internet, which is not a thrill.  MY AWESOME husband figured out how to put it on my e-reader yeah!  No longer sitting for long hours which bothers my back.

There is no way that this covered all that we did but feeling like I’m back on the blogging wagon.   Okay maybe after another post that is more like a week or two apart versus 6 months will confirm it all.  🙂

Have an awesome week!


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