Justinian I and Theodora

by Darla on January 7, 2008

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Today as we finished reading our history lesson, I was left with a few personal questions and thoughts. Now don’t laugh, I learn as much as my children.  So the search began for more information.

1. Where was Constantinople? (I’m not exactly sure) A Map would be great. Maybe one of Justinian’s empire and advancements he made during his reign. We could use the map to study geography.



Information about Constantinople


Basic information and tells us that the name was changed to Istanbul in 1930.



Shows advancements made.


Historic Byzantine Constantinople contains labeled and unlabeled maps if you scroll down.



2. I’d love a picture of Saint Sophia to show the children. Perhaps a picture of what it looks like today to keep in our binder. This one was particularly beautiful.



3. Some pictures of modern culture today.



I really like one of the videographers with the username of railaybay.  His are all titled Destination Unknown. He has visited so many places and I like his presentation.

Go to http://lonelyplanet.tv/railaybay

If you go to the right side just under the pictures of his videos, it shows a list of all 131.

Click on that.

Then when it shows the page numbers. Turkey videos are shown on pages 10 and 11.

Additions to our lesson:

Read beginning paragraph then added SOTW2 (Story of the World 2) pg 47-48 instead of Justinian I paragraph.

Read SOTW2 pg 50 to 52 instead of Theodora paragraph.

Then we read from MOH (Mystery of History Vol II) until we reached the highlighted words Justinian Code and read pg 49 from STOW2.  After completing this page we finished the last paragraph in the MOH.

We will complete our study by doing the following this week.

  • Speech assignment. 24B – 1 and 24A – 2  while we are dressed up as a king and queen and video tape it.
  • Use the maps we found to make our own personal map for our notebooks.
  • Make a notebooking page for Justinian I and Theodora.
  • Use our Usborne book of Art Treasury to recreate one of the tile’s that we saw in the photo journal above.

Pictures of the girls presenting their speech.

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