by Darla on June 11, 2008

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While visiting my mother, I mentioned that I wanted to go to a yarn store and pick up something for a project to work on.  She handed me an afghan that she had been working on.  She was bored with the yarn.  I probably would have been as well but it had been awhile since I knitted anything so it was great. 

The afghan was done in three panels and was of my mother’s own design.  She just started knitting.  The pattern hadn’t been written down so there were some mistakes in it.  I added some of my own and it made me happy.  At times my perfectionism tends to smack me in the head.  This was not the time.  I didn’t rip anything out, I just kept on going.  I referred to it often over the next three weeks as my therapy.

I love the color!

As we traveled across the United States in a Kia mini-van for three and a half days I knitted.  It helped me to deal with my own insecurities about my dh driving or those sharing the road with us and kept panic attacks at bay for most of the trip.  I had a few times where I just needed to pull over at a rest stop and breathe. 

The first project was finished shortly after our return to Doha and I’ve started on my second project.  The new project is a lace poncho using a free pattern from  A friend gave me yarn for doing some sewing machine work for her, I think she was rather generous but that is okay.  My fingers were itching for something to knit.  This will be for my niece for Christmas. 

She also introduced me to knitting group that meets once a week.  Women from all over the city get together to knit, spin or discuss fiber cravings.   My first introduction was to and online community for fiber artists to chat and keep track of needles, yarn, books, projects in progress, favorites etc. 

 I’ve learned to spin although it is a bit rough.  The first attempt was a little rough using a student spindle.  After a few modifications to my spindle it worked a little better.  Now I just need to ply it.  I may not as I want to make a felted bag from it and then it won’t matter much.  

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