Kutztown Fair Favorites

by Darla on July 2, 2009

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A slide show seemed the best way to share our experience at Kutztown.  These were Sam’s favorite things.

Now for mom’s favorites the quilts.

Both of the slide shows start at once.  It might help if you pause one while you watch the other.  Less dizzying that way.

The next day was a bit of a bummer for the kids and dad as it rained.  The rides closed but not the park so they left thinking that it would stop soon.  It didn’t no refunds as the weather wasn’t bad enough.  Disappointment reigned in the family.

Mom and I took the time to go visit the fabric store we learned about yesterday.

From Wooden Bridge Dry Goods

So this little bridge was the landmark for the fabric store.  Hmm good thing we had the GPS.

From Wooden Bridge Dry Goods

Turn left at the cows…and

From Wooden Bridge Dry Goods

Yep that’s it you are there! Inside was AMAZING. Okay I’ve been in the Middle East where they have fabulous fabrics but not so much cotton. They had rows and rows of it here from floor to ceiling. So much so that it was completely overwhelming. I couldn’t pick hardly anything but the notions and a few things that I truly needed.

There is so little time when we visit that it is frustrating to spend most of your time being overwhelmed. The best cure we’ve found so far is to say a little prayer that Heavenly Father will bless us to know what to purchase and what not.  It turned out well in the end because my mother cleaned out some of her scraps that will work great for the quilts we are making. Additionally it has helped with our sewing classes. [another post]

So then we were off to the craft stores and things of that nature to find items for this year’s projects.  Last year I ordered many to be mailed which got to be expensive as you never knew what to expect.  Our day was successful.

Tomorrow we head off to Pittsburgh to finish up renovations and visit with friends for their Fourth of July party.  Yipee.

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