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by Darla on January 24, 2010

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The applications and resumes have been moving out of here pretty fast, thank goodness so much of it can be done electronically.  We aren’t sure where we should go next so we are sending them all over the United States; Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, California, Nevada, and probably a few more states but I’m beginning to lose track.

The plan now is to return home at the end of March and stay at Mom and Dad Gallew’s while they travel and we figure out what is next.  If we don’t hear anything shortly after, Brian will go to Texas and stay with family friends while he looks for a job as that area seems to have a higher concentration of System Administrator positions open at the moment.  We might repeat the process elsewhere but that isn’t particularly clear at the moment.

It is absolutely amazing to see God’s hand so visible in our lives.  Our Sunday school teacher shared with us  two weeks ago this story.  Doing god’s will is like riding on a tandem bike with the Lord.  At first you are put in the front steering and the Lord sits in the back peddling.  The true adventure happens when you ask the Lord to get in the driver’s seat and you sit in the back to peddle.  The most amazing thing is that he will take you on a ride that you could never imagine down those streets filled with wonder and amazing views.  The path is worn because he knows where he is going.  As you go on this ride there may be moments where you are scared but he reaches around to reassure you that it will be okay do not be afraid just keep peddling.  Our job is to have faith in him and his plan to jump in the back seat and peddle for all we are worth.  Our family is peddling hard at the moment.

Friday we had a family fast.  We all came to the table after wards to have a family council.  The resounding thoughts were that we need to come home for now.  My heart is full and there is much peace in that decision.

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1 kel January 24, 2010 at 8:02 am

Hello 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful plan! My mom used to yell out the window every morning when dropping us off at school: “Do your best and let God do the rest!”

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