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by Darla on January 24, 2014

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The word of this week is Empowered.  I think this fits with my experience of being led to participate in this online study.  My sister in law posted on facebook that she was struggling with cravings, people offered several suggestions and one was to participate in this study.  This is something that I’ve struggled with for many years.  Lately it has been better but it was enough of a concern to follow up on this suggestion.  It seemed interesting and worth trying.

Now for the next part of this journey, last week I visited my other sister in law for a Women’s health conference at Loma Linda University.  Loved that we got to spend several days together in real life rather than vacation mode.  It helped me to see inside her world, she is an amazing lady that is giving, kind and gracious.  That evening her husband was facilitating a group call The Full Plate living.  She described that to me and said I should ask him to share it.  Yes this is going on but I want you to see how I felt led by God and not to forget this is important.

At the conference, there was a pamphlet about the Full Plate Diet which I meant to go back and pick up but forgot.  Later that night I had the opportunity to ask more questions from her husband but got distracted in our conversation.  They are living this plan so got to experience it for a couple days.  You know it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  They are vegetarian and I’m not but was mostly for that weekend it is flexible enough to accommodate both.

A class at the conference, led me back to this plan again and that all these things were for my good and I promptly forgot it.  At the airport while waiting for my next flight, the thought came again and there was time to do some online research.  The cool part is that the book is available for download from  when you sign up for an account.

On to the study.  What has struck me so far in this study….

Our cravings come from God, they are there for a purpose.  That purpose however can be for good or ill.  What am I going to choose?  Will I choose to use that craving to turn to God or will I be distracted in purpose so that it turns into a craving for food, material possessions etc.  We are not talking about hunger.

The other interesting part to me is that cravings come in 3 forms outside of the will of God, which I’ve not considered before

1.  meeting physical desires  (ie food, alcohol, drugs or sex)

2. meeting material desires (clothing, financial portfolio, appliances, vacation plans, cosmetics, home decor, electronics etc.?)

3.  meeting needs for significance  (prop up your significance through position, awards, status or intellectual accomplishments)

Between the Made to Crave and the Full Plate living I have felt empowered this week.  My cravings for physical food have been greatly diminished.  I’m grateful and feeling blessed that my prayers are being answered.  He led me to two things that would work together and help me find peace with the cravings.  Empowered is definitely the right word for this week.

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1 Shelly January 24, 2014 at 8:04 am

Hi Darla! I’m so glad you decided to join the Made to Crave study with us! It sounds like God has been directing your steps. I love how He always knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Thanks for sharing your words with us! We are moving forward together #empowered!! Blessings ~ Shelly (OBS Leadership Team)

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