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by Darla on September 26, 2007

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My friend and I decided this year that we wanted to do some activities together as we are studying the same time in history, Middle Ages.  We hoped that we would be able to move into a co-op.  When making plans with 3 other families, in the beginning, it didn’t seem like it would work too well because some activities are so specific to the program but we are trying to make them generic enough that those studying other time periods would still benefit.  That attempt fizzled but we decided to go ahead just the two of us and see how it works out.

The first attempt is blogged in the entry:  It’s a Blast! (Dead Sea Scrolls & Pompeii)

After this week, we will get together for History/Science type activities once a week.

Here is the lesson plan for next week’s activity.  We’ve invited someone else to join us for the day so we shall see how this works out.  Depending on how it goes, we may invite someone else or say we have enough.  We decided to limit the total number of kids to those that would easily fit around our dining room tables as that is where most of the good stuff happens.

Lesson Plan:

Can you identify the ingredients being used in these candy bars?

(Chop 4-8 candy bars into slices then ask the kids if they can identify the ingredients they see.)

Here is an interactive game to see if you can guess the name of that bar.

Thinking Fountain – identify the candy bar game

Because we have too many kids to do this online without disagreement.  I am going to make a little matchbook fold with the picture on the front and the name inside.  There will be copies for each child to put four into his note/lap booking page.

Then the kids will get to make their own bite sized candy bars with their favorite ingredient that they brought to class with them.

I will have the foundant mixed up ahead of time and the kids will mix in their own ingredients for their candy bar.  We will shape and place them on a piece of wax paper and place in the freezer.

Here is the recipe that we will use.  Thinking Fountain – Fondant recipe

While they are hardening enough so we can dip them, we will watch the movie on How Chocolate is Made by the National Association of Manufacturers.  Podcast link for How Chocolate is made.

After the movie we will dip the bite sized pieces into the chocolate that is melted in a fondue pot to limit the chance of the kids getting burnt and to keep the chocolate at an even temperature.

Let them dry on a rack for a minute then onto wax paper.  You might want to put them into the refrigerator to cool or freezer for a quick minute or two.

Lunch with the gang.  Everyone brings a sack lunch to eat by the pool.  There have to be some advantages to living in a hot climate.

Snack of chocolate just before they go home or save it to show dad all the cool things they learned today to inspire them. (hehehe)

As a follow up with mom, a printout of the note booking page from the Mystery of History 2 yahoo group files for lesson 12.

*****By the way on the website for the chocolate movie they have podcasts for other products being manufactured such as tennis balls, shoes and mattresses just to name a few.

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