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by Darla on April 10, 2009

in Home Education

I’ve been thinking of offering a mom school to children in our local home school community.

Mostly I’ve been thinking of a way to serve our own family’s needs and share it with others.  The idea is that I would do it for our family whether or not it involves anyone else.

My goals:  The activities need to….

be meaningful and fulfill a purpose
accomplish something that might be harder to do on your own
enrich the community and families lives
provide a vehicle to bring homeschool families together
be fun and inspiring
a family activities that involve young to old

So here are some ideas that I have presently.  Rather than being just one club or another it would rotate through the different activities so there is variety and families can see some of the possibilities of what they can do simply.

Family Book Club:  Reading books as a family, come together for a discussion group, have an activity and a treat based on the book.  Perhaps 2 titles a year.

Suggested titles:
My side of the Mountain

Service Projects:  2 a year.
Making hats for Gaza victims using the round looms that you can find at Walmart.  Come together for a learning session then work on them on your own.  We will come together for a gathering event and celebration of our hard work.

Making hygiene or school kits.  I would need to find a way to get them where they need to go first.  Maybe Gaza as well because local charities are willing to accept donations for this???

Writing/public speaking Club: 1 or 2 times a year.
An opportunity for children to share their writing and have experience public speaking at the same time.

End of Year celebration –
This would be something of an opportunity to share talents, give awards, display projects any thing they worked on during the year.

Science Day – alternative energy sources – 1 day
Not sure how to do this.

Any comments about these activities or suggestions for something that worked in your group?

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