My Knight in Shining Armor

by Darla on June 27, 2010

in Life,Reno, Nevada

greyhound bus

This last week included many hours on the bus traveling from Reno to Pittsburgh in an effort to bring our household items into one location.  Our shipment from Doha arrived the previous week and what a change.  Our house turned into a home almost over night.

Prior to this shipment arriving arrangements were made to travel to Pittsburgh versus the Greyhound bus.

It was with trepidation that we anticipated the trip,  mostly the 51 hours of travel.

From the first it was quite clear that we weren’t guaranteed a seat on the bus and that each transfer would require that we start the process all over again.  Many people were left along the way that didn’t make the bus and thus it was even more stressful.  It probably wouldn’t have made much difference if we didn’t have moving arrangements already made and so it was imperative that we arrive in Pittsburgh precisely on the date of our scheduled arrival.

All that aside, it was my own paradigm shift that occurred that was the most amazing to me.  I’m not sure that I can do justice to this experience in written word.  I had forgotten what a sheltered life I led since college.  In high school it used to be a common experience to know that the kids had and were selling drugs in the back of the classroom and often used bathroom breaks to get high.  I didn’t turn around but I’m pretty sure that the people behind me on the way home were doing drugs etc.  What a shock!

In my own little world, I had forgotten that there are people that swear vile obscenities every other breath, can’t wait for their next fix and often have incredible difficulties doing so.  Eighty percent of the bus had a fit if there wasn’t a smoke break every hour.  The discussion of how much it cost for a pack of cigarettes astounded me, over $4.  Many of our fellow travelers were lucky if they had more than $20 to their name for the entire trip and didn’t know when they would have an income.

So the shift for me is that as much as I thought that most people are good, trying to do the right thing there is a huge population of people that are struggling for survival don’t say duh I don’t mean the homeless but a wandering people that are lost.  Lost within themselves searching for something and not even having a clue where to begin.  One gentleman that I sat next to  on the way home left everything to go to Hollywood to make it big.  It has been his dream since he was quite young to make it in the music business.  He has a wonderful talent but filled with so much anger that my heart hurt for him.

My own struggles and concerns became insignificant in comparison and for the first time began to relax.  Trusting my all to thy tender care and knowing that thou lovest me, I’ll go where you want me to go dear Lord, I’ll do what you want me to do.  I’ll be what you want me to be.  Certainly challenges are not over, they just become more bearable.

How blessed I am to have a wonderful husband that is my knight in shining armor.  I have an awesome family that loves me and there is a place waiting for me at the end of the trip filled with love and kisses everyday.   So for today, I’m off to make sure that the ironing is done for my knight.

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