Organizing – Tapestry of Grace workbox

by Darla on May 8, 2013

in Reno, Nevada

Found a few cool tips on organizing my home school materials that were just what I needed. My criteria simple enough my son can use it and flexible enough that I can print out the materials for 2 – nine week periods with enough space left over that I can get into each one.

Sam Noggin’s used this file box with Trail Guides for Learning but it seemed like it would work with Tapestry of Grace very easily.  So this post was my inspiration.  After a few modifications, here is the finished product.

IMG_4356 IMG_4357 The files are organized this way.

Finished work for anything that I need to grade.

Then a hanging folder labeled weekly.  Inside it are 5 manila folders with the days of the week:  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri.  The red & purple folder on the right are also in the weekly.  This contains their adult skills list for them to work on as they desire.  They are required to complete this prior to graduation.

Next, I labeled 4 hanging folders with Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4 to represent the 4 quarters of the year as that is how our units are divided.  In each of these folders I labeled 9 manila folders with weeks 1-9.  I used different colors for each unit so they won’t get confused.

The last 4 hanging folders are labeled Unit Celebration, Samuel 6th grade 2013-2014 and Virginia 10th grade 2013-2014 and the last is labeled other which should hold my brainstorming notebook and planner.   The Unit Celebration folder is for the ideas I collect for celebrating at the end of each unit.  The student folders at the end are for long term storage items that I need to keep.  This will be for test results, 3 samples of their work, reading lists etc.

If we need to travel, the filing box can come with us and everything is inside.  I’ve tried to do this same type of system with a binder but space is limited to 1 unit at a time and they tend to fall apart because of the use they get.  This seems like it will hold up better and it was about the same price as a good quality binder.  The hanging files were in my financial cabinet not being used.  I did purchase a pack of jewel tone manila folders that cost approx $14 with half the box left over.


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