Our first homeschool graduate.

by Darla on June 1, 2007

in Home Education

How funny that you can’t wait for something to get here, it finally happens and now it is over. Where did the time go? This last year has been an amazing one in the educational process, our eldest daughter graduated from our home school program.

At the time that we started homeschooling, I always figured our children would go to public school at some point and graduate just like all the other children.  We’ve had fears that were probably similar to your own. What if they don’t make it, what if they can’t get a job, get in to college, succeed in life etc.

My daughter applied to the college of her choice, only one but she knew what she wanted and had a back up plan. The school’s process was a little different as they interview each applicant before excepting anyone. We went to the interview, toured the school sat in on a couple classes that were running that day, and Laura completed a basic English test because she didn’t have a diploma from a government agency. They told her she wouldn’t be able to complete the test because it was quite difficult and she had 20 minutes. She finished the whole test in 15 minutes and did more than fine.  She was accepted.

Our worst experience was trying to get a driver’s license. While it took several tries, it seemed that Laura was extremely nervous. In retrospect, she said she wished that she had taken driver’s education from the school district. I guess if that is the only thing she regrets about her home education experience it isn’t too bad. I feel if we had had more time without the urgency of if you don’t pass this test you won’t have a car to get you back and forth to school work etc. Lesson learned.

Now Laura is in the process of getting a job. Mostly she needed to build her personal feeling of employ ability. It is amazing to see the experience from a parent’s eyes. Not every child has the help from parent’s to get their first job but it seems that it is better when they are 16 versus 18. Laura had a position as a page in our local library before we left to come overseas. Here it is not easy to get a job because of the paperwork etc. It can be done just didn’t seem like it was worth the effort and she couldn’t drive as the requirements are different.  After several false starts she is now working as a filing clerk in a medical office receiving just what she needed to make her budget work.

Mom had another little requirement, that Laura take the SAT.  It was something that I always regretted not doing and while Laura didn’t feel the need, she was gracious and humored her mom.  She really does love me.   She did very well in my mind and it felt like a victory.  YES You can home school and do well on standardized tests without teaching to the text.

What will we do different for the next child?

  1. Hire a tutor for higher maths
  2. Driver’s training
  3. SAT and GED [or participate in diploma program such as NARHS or Clonlara] are required in order to graduate from home.
  4. Complete mom’s Life Skills Course.

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