Oxbow Nature Study Area, Reno Nevada who knew

by DarlaApril 12, 2013

  This week we treated ourselves.  We visited the Oxbow Nature Study Area.  What a treasure right here in Reno.  Just a quick slide show to share our adventure.

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Moving Right Along

by DarlaJanuary 4, 2013

Lots has happened since November.  December was spent trying to jump Nevada’s hoops to get Bekah’s GED.  They definitely want to make sure that you are ready and will not fail.  It is good but nice to know the steps necessary as it took many trips to get everything done.  She finished and submitted her […]

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Weekly Wrap-up 11/17/2012

by DarlaNovember 17, 2012

Happy Saturday!  It is good to have a few minutes to reflect on the week and where we’ve been.  It tends to blur and feels like nothing has been accomplished. Sunday evening Sam and I spent time going over his Webelos book trying to figure out what he needed to finish to get his Arrow […]

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Duck Tape Purses

by DarlaNovember 13, 2012

Yesterday we spent some time with a friend and she showed us how to make these.  It was so much fun.  Which one is your favorite. Sunshine Yellow Geometric Jazz Mustachio There are many tutorials on you tube and pinterest.  A search for duck or duct tape purses did the trick.  We learned even with […]

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Weekly Wrap Up – 11/10/2012

by DarlaNovember 13, 2012

Last Saturday was our unit celebration for the first 9 weeks.  It was an experience in non-communication.  Some good things came out of it.  We learned that it is important to plan out what you are going to do and who is in charge of that section.  In our case, we had 3 parts;  the […]

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Bitter Sweet

by DarlaNovember 5, 2012

The kids really looked forward to their long weekend and spent some time working on crafts.  We are half way through our unit on Greece.  The first part has covered mythology pretty extensively and now we are moving more solidly into the history.  I’ve never been a fan of mythology because it felt like big […]

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Boundless energy! Now give me a darn Twinkie phase.

by DarlaNovember 2, 2012

This is the phase of Whole 30 I’m in now.  Found this timeline on the Whole 30 website, sure wish I found that before psycho day 4.  Woke up and felt okay at least better than the previous day then it happened, ANGER.  Not normal for me to be so incredibly angry let’s just say […]

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Where’s the Beef?

by DarlaOctober 31, 2012

Trying to find a snack that doesn’t include nuts in Paleo is a challenge.  While looking at some of the pre-made snacks available, jerky was a common element.  Jerky is perfect or at least if you don’t have a ton of sugar added in the way of ingredients to spice it or other junk.  Since […]

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Just Moseying Along.

by DarlaOctober 25, 2012

Hmmm not going to mention how long it has been or feel any guilt about it.  Blogging has been a passion of mine for awhile as is journaling.  The last year with added responsibilities has taken its toll in more than one way.  Blogging just became something else to do rather than feeling the passion […]

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Fresh look coming soon.

by DarlaMay 20, 2012

It is time to freshen things up around here. Pictures are really outdated and it is time to add in the new faces in our lives. Stay tuned.

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