Peace – Made to Crave

by Darla on February 8, 2014

in Reno, Nevada

Over the years my experience with peace has changed.  Sometimes in order to feel peaceful it required a physical change in my environment whether that meant going on vacation, to a favorite spot in nature or even going to my bedroom to close the door without interruption for a period of time.  There are times when it is different, peace is as close as a few breaths, prayer, scripture or an attitude adjustment.

This week we learned about peace in regards to the numbers on the scale, exercising and having an undivided heart.  At different times, I found peace with each of these things but not to my knowledge all of them at the same time.

Numbers on the scale do not define who I am as an individual or child of God yet why do I act as if they are indicative of me.  As I read this chapter, it seemed ridiculous that I would ever think that way, yet I have.  If the numbers didn’t go down I was worthless as a human being and would pout throughout the day as a result.  WOW!  Talk about needing a little grace and LOTs of strength from God to overcome this.  I typically avoid the scale like the plague, for one see the above statement and the other because it is easy for me to believe that I’m in charge.  What I am is accountable.  Accountable for the choices of what I put in my mouth and how I move my body through out the day.  Here’s the opposing side, if the numbers did go down it was all about me all about I oh me my number one you know the song.  This week that tune has changed too one of gratitude for blessings given to help me avoid turning to food as a means of comfort, reward or any reason other than to feed my body.

Exercise and finding peace – A couple years ago I decided that I wouldn’t exercise doing something I didn’t like with the idea if I liked doing it then I was more apt to continue.  There were a few things that I enjoyed so spent my time doing them.  Along the way, I found a few other activities that I enjoyed.  Yet like everything else, it is easy to focus on the calories burned, how long it took, what is the best benefit for my body – yep I got caught up in the numbers of exercising as well.  It is time to look at the activities I enjoy again.

  • Hiking has become a favorite activity living near Tahoe and California.  I’d like to explore more of the beauty here climbing mountains and taking pictures.
  • We are fortunate to have temperate climate for most of the year so walking is reasonable sometimes with my dogs and sometimes without.
  • My husband suggested that we take up roller skating.  It is so much fun and I’d love to do that more consistently.
  • Several days a week I walk the dogs and it has been fun to make it a goal to walk further than the rest of my family.  My daughter is at dance for many hours during the week.  Some days it doesn’t make sense for me to come home again, so another mom and I are walking for almost an hour while they dance.
  • I like the way my muscles feel after lifting weights and one room at the studio is filled with weights so I’m going to add that to my list as well.  I don’t even need to purchase anything.
  • At the women’s conference they handed out a list of exercises to do with exercise bands that I can do for the rest of the week in the evenings it will take about 15 minutes.
  • I love yoga and have a couple dvds that I love.  When I’m done I feel flexible, calm, relaxed and centered.  A side benefit of doing this is I’m better able to hear the thoughts and impressions that Heavenly Father gives me through out the day.

Having an undivided heart – Psalms 86:11-12:  Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth:  united my heart to fear thy name.  I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.

What does this mean to me? It means that the things I eat do not cause conflict within me;  physically, spiritually or emotionally.  An example of physical conflict would be choosing to eat something that I know will cause harm and limit my ability to serve others such as eating wheat when I’m gluten intolerant.   Emotional and Spiritual conflict would be processed sweets.   They mess with my mind and ability to think clearly.

Progress for this week:  Still working on my accountability and make good choices every day.  Walked 5 times this week and increased my time to 40 minutes or more each day.  Today my breakfast choice, while I thought it was good, was not.   Instead of freaking out, I increased my physical activity and kept the rest of my meals in a reasonable range.   Next time, I’ll stay at home and make it myself so I know what goes in it.  There is peace.  I am NOT the number on the scale.

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1 Debbie W. (OBS Team Leader) February 9, 2014 at 5:53 am

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading them this morning. It’s nice you live where you can walk most of the year. Right now it’s cold here so I stick to the treadmill. Those dog walks – I understand how you take them sometimes and leave them others. I find when I take the dog he can slow me down. I liked it when you said, ” Emotional and Spiritual conflict would be processed sweets. They mess with my mind and ability to think clearly.” That is true in so many ways because once I go there I have a hard time stopping – they do mess with my mind.

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