by Darla on June 21, 2008

in Home Education

It is time to finish up our year and I had wanted to compile a portfolio for the kids.  In the past, I’ve kept copies of their best work and then added photos to each of their binders of activities that they participated in that were either unique to them or that we completed as a group.  I’m finding that all the duplication is a bit crazy since I don’t need to turn the portfolio into the school district at this time.  I decided to use my blog more fully as a portfolio as well.

Those that are subscribed will see a crazy number of entries.  I just went through my photo organizer and realized that there were so many activities that I didn’t even mention.  This is the spice of our home schooling endeavors.  I updated on entry in November of 2007 but the rest are from this spring.  You may need to go to the archives to see them all.  I hope you enjoy them.

Each time I finish this part of our portfolio, I realize that we did indeed have a full and fun year.

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