by Darla on January 5, 2007

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Ho hum the holidays have passed and now we are at the end of January. No wonder we have Valentines Day. It is a little red to perk us up and get out of the yucky blahs of January.

We’ve hit them in our house. Everyone is ready for something new but what? Let’s plan our vacation.

One highlight was planning for our rapidly approaching vacation to the US to mark our year anniversary of being overseas. My oldest is preparing for college and will stay. At first, we were so excited by a 7 week vacation. It is crazy and it felt like there wouldn’t be enough time to do what we needed to have done. We are finding that it is a really a long time. How do you plan housing, cars, food and all for that period of time. It has been nuts. We also realized that some of our plans needed to be changed because of the time of year. We land in Washington DC during Cherry Blossom season. YIKES!

That should say it all but the prices for hotels were outrageous. Even more so than normal and the reasonable ones are totally booked. PLAN B anyone.

So on to Lancaster. We will be spending a couple days in Amish country. My dh and children enjoy visiting a farm and all the animals while the rest of the ladies will be visiting the fabric shops, outlets and enjoying a little fun. I need a new quilt for my bed that isn’t so heavy and the log cabin is just want my room needs for a little color.

On to visiting family, then to Pittsburgh where the work begins of getting Laura into college and ready for life ahead. Tests, books, supplies, her new “apartment” ready for habitation.

After that it is 2 weeks in the midwest on tour of historical sites then a couple days down to Washington DC and a week in Buena Vista, Virginia for a Home Education Conference. Another day in Washington DC where we catch our flight to Doha. Whew. I think we will be glad for a break for a couple days.

It sounded really great and then we added a budget. It soon became apparent that our major expense is housing and transportation. Too much, so we are working on the problem and trying to be creative about the whole thing. Ah well that is for another day.

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