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by Darla on December 11, 2009

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There is so much going on it is hard to put a coherent thought together that makes any sense.  Much like Sam’s random comment the other day at lunch, “Mom did Jesus wear braces?”.  I’m sure in his mind it made perfect sense but at the time it was random.

This weekend we are gearing up for a marathon, no not running in a race type but the kind that parents with several children often run that are involved in a slew of activities.  Samuel has a cub scout camp out, Friday and Saturday where he gets his first badge, BOBCAT.  Woot.  We return Saturday morning and then he has a birthday party at Jungle Zone and then a hair cut.  Personally I can’t tolerate Jungle Zone so Brian has lovelingly agreed to take him.  (I Love that man.)  The girls are going to church and Laura will take Ginny to a bday party early saturday morning before we come back with from camping.  That evening there are several plays we want to go see; Cinders a pantomine put on by Doha Players and The Wizard of Oz at Qatar Academy.  So many choices.

Last night was the end of semester dinner at CMU with Hollywood as the theme.  I read that invitation but didn’t get that I should dress up as my favorite film star.  Oops oh well I did dress nicely and Brian wore his Mickey Mouse hat.  That counts right?  Brian had to work so after the buffet put on by the Ritz, Samuel finished bouncing in the castles that they rented for the night we head out a little earlier than the rest of the crowd.

Brian came home Wednesday with the news that we can now drive through Saudi to Bahrain or Dubai.  Good news?  He wants to drive to Bahrain for New Years weekend.  It is a 6 hour drive one way so definitely an overnight stay.  I don’t know.  Personally the idea of staying home right now and working on my sewing sounds good especially when so many families are traveling and the responsibilities to others will be fewer. I’d love to go to Dubai at some point, skiing and the water park sound great.  That would be an 8 t0 10 hour drive through the desert, not sure.  Well finally random thoughts clicked he wanted to do a little shopping for say some PORK and bring it back.  Get it.  🙂

School work is moving along but it is feeling more like a chore to get on with rather than anything connecting.  I keep asking the kids if they are doing okay and they assure me that they are loving it.  It seems like moving on because we haven’t been having the wonderful discussions lately as there are so many outside things going on.   It all balances out along the way as there will be other times when there are few things to do and great discussions, chalk it up to the rhythms of life.    I’m contemplating getting the pop quiz supplement just so I can keep up with the girls in their reading.

This last month we rented (here they say hired) a small car while Laura’s business picked up and she had several corporate events.  Great for her business and she added a few clients.  It has been wonderful.  No extensive planning on Saturday mornings to make sure that everyone gets where they need to go.  Good news Brian’s schedule has changed enough that he can now use the Company bus to work.  <big sigh>  Even better he has taken to walking to work although he says crossing the freeway scares him a bit.  I can’t think about it but he is enjoying the exercise.  Tomorrow the car goes back.  I’m sappy about it.  (Sad/Happy)  It was nice having the car but it feels quite frivolous when it just sits in the driveway some days instead of using it.

In March our contract renews/extends again.  Most of the time, it is easy to live in the moment and deal with whatever arises but when there are decisions to be made it gets irritating.  It all started with the freezer.  We could really use one and it will save us money.  Once a month cooking becomes a reality but what is the point of buying a freezer when you will need to turn around and sell it in 3 months.  How about the time it takes to apply and get a job?  What about that garbage can that broke, can you make do with a smaller one, no point in replacing it just to sell it.  How about the 2nd car? Should I start the pre-move purge?  The list goes on an on.  This whole year has been a version of that kind of thing, living on a temporary basis.  As a couple, it could be really fun but not so much with children.  I have a greater understanding of why some families choose to live apart rather than uproot everyone for that time period.  I’m not saying I could do that but I have a better understanding.  I just keep telling myself that we have done our part and now it is up to God whether we stay or go.

My own fitness program has been in want of something new so I decided to take a Karate class that starts up in January for self-defense and fitness.  Walking is great but I’m finding that my mind is wandering too much and the structure of having something that is more intense and structured will hopefully be the key to being present during the program and getting my mind off other issues.  It really helps.

There’s an opportunity for several service projects coming up.  Our family is working on school bags for Village of Hope in Ethiopia and several quilt tops made from scrap fabric that my mom donated.   Then I opened my mouth and now I’m working with the cub scout committee on service.  Hmmm we shall see how that goes.  Then the Dean of CMU-Qatar’s wife has arranged for newborn layette kits to be donated to the Hamad hospital for families in need.  This process is not an easy one to arrange and it takes so much work to get it set up.  It felt like a golden opportunity that dropped in my lap.  Who knows how all this will work out in the end but it is my hope that many lives will be touched as a result.

Well I need to go get the last of the things packed for our trip today and hope that your Friday is an awesome one.

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