Rocket Launch

by Darla on April 7, 2008

in Science

This spring we needed something to boost our energies and have something to look forward too.  My kids wanted to learn about rockets which fitted in nicely with our Earth and Space theme.

We found a local supplier that would provide us with Chemical rocket kits and the engines.  This was good because you can’t ship explosives into the country.  Everything else we found on Amazon.  Since we had a wide variety of ages that would participate in our home school group activity, I wanted some that the younger kids could launch without fear of limb.  So we did it like this.

Chemical rockets – one per family or children old enough that their parents would supervise

Air Burst Rockets – still need supervision but kids 6 and up could launch them.  We found that they just needed to have the strength to make them work.

Jr. Stomp Rockets – Kids of all ages could launch these without fear.

One dad spent a few minutes with a handout explaining what would happen when we launched our rockets and discussing safety.  It was perfect.

We had a good sized group not to many and not too few, about 10.  Everyone that wanted to had a chance to launch each kind of rocket that they wanted too.  Again the question was who had more fun the dads or kids.  The dad’s were so into it that the mom’s got a chance to step back and let them show their stuff.

After wards we went to the beach for supper and a little fun.

After our group activity we decided this was so much fun that we needed to do this with Grandpa when we went to visit.  I had the regular Stomp Rocket kit sent to my parent’s home.  My brother, SIL and niece and nephew came along for the fun.  I’m not sure who had more fun the adults or the “kids”.  It was a blast.

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